Aerobic Hall Synthetic Wood Flooring

Aerobic Hall Synthetic Wood Flooring

We are one of the most preferred business firms for providing Aerobic Hall Synthetic Flooring. These halls are the conglomeration of beauty and low maintenance. With an objective to fulfill the customers' demands, these halls can be designed in compliance with the patrons' demands. We make use of superior grade wood and advanced technology while designing these halls. Furthermore, we provide these halls at market leading prices.

Product Details:

BrandApex Sport Surfaces India
FinishingGlossy , Polished
ApplicationAerobic Halls

More info:

Aerobic wood and synthetic floorings are engineered and modeled to provide comfort reduce joint strength and prevent osteoarthritis. In these kinds of aerobic wooden flooring the branches of a tree like Maple, teak and Pine are picked from the forest. These floors are specifically designed to provide a relaxing environment to those people who are involved in aerobic step-exercises fitness gym and polymeric training. These wooden floors are generally used in fitness clubs gyms and aerobic exercise centers. There are various types of aerobic floorings to choose from depending on the need of the what is it made of, as some are made of branches of a tree and some from the trunk of a tree. Some of the choices are stated below, it is essential to make a wise decision in this case while choosing as the health of those people who will work out on them, depends on it.

Poured Flooring

Poured flooring is a type of permanent aerobic flooring, these types of anti-fatigue systems are generally found in gyms and schools. This type of floor is made of hardwood. The first look at these types of floors look very similar to concrete on a normal cement floor, but while working out you may notice a huge difference in how your whole body feels very much different than working on an actual cement floor. The difference is because of that synthetic resin which is used to develop these wooden structures. There are some designs of Poured systems which looks and feels like outdoor tracks, and these kinds of floorings are generally used in colleges, field events, playing area and Olympic track.

Suspended Wood

Suspended wood flooring are mostly found in studios and gyms. These types of floorings are manufactured from prefinished hardwood made from a hard fibrous material and contain an integrated springs Subfloor. The suspended flooring is designed in such a way that the boards can be broken into pieces and transported, and it can also be reassembled as quickly. And one most important thing to consider while using these types of floors is the humidity of the area or the room, as the floor may sometimes feel sticky if humid and sleek if too dry.

Why Arabic hall synthetic wood flooring ?

While purchasing a wooden aerobic flooring it is essential to check if the structure has a good energy return system, offers lateral food support and is good at shock absorption. It is necessary that the floor absorb the energy when you land on it, or else you can get hurt due to deflection. And that is why all the three components are essential regarding flooring systems. To provide such comfort the origin products as in trees are chosen with care, and the timber is used to eventually produce great results.

Lateral floor support

Lateral foot support is probably one of the most essential attributes which are generally overlooked. Due to today's flooring system that only relies on manufacturing systems that are spongy and has too many absorbent materials. But as lateral foot support is extremely essential too soft floors are out of question and is very dangerous. You don't want your ground to be too soft and lack laterals foot support. Arabic wooden floorings can be utilized here because they provide the lateral foot support which various other flooring systems seem to lacks.


Walking, hopping, skipping, jumping, all of these Arabic activities generates energy. Even standing still generate energy due to gravity. If energy is directly returned to the body it is extremely bad for the body. An ankle sprain may be a problem, and other problems like Shin splints and even you can break your foot due to that. And an unabsorbing floor or flooring system is definitely dangerous it cannot only just result in injury and but go as far as lawsuits. That is why aerobic wooden flooring systems are essential. And as these kinds of absorbent flooring systems are used in exercise-related centers like gyms, stadium, arena, schools, colleges, fitness centers, et cetera.


Absorbency is important and likewise, resilience is also essential. The energy which has been transferred has to be dispatched by Resiliency, it's like a trampoline if you press down it bounces upwards which saves you from a twisted or sprained ankle. In these kinds of wooden bases, energy is transferred from your body to a resilient floor that deflects and safely returns the energy. That is why Arabic wooden floors, in this case, suspended wooden floor are considered as the best resilient materials that can be utilized in various places like yoga centers aerobic centers gymnastic and dancing center and many other places.