Air Cush Badminton Court Wooden Flooring

Air Cush Badminton Court Wooden Flooring


Air Cush Badminton Court Wooden Flooring Badminton courts with wooden flooring is the new trend in sports field. People who play this sport are tending towards implementing an air cushioned badminton court. This helps players of all age, from newcomers to the experienced to find comfort in using the air cushioned flooring. An indoor badminton with this type of wood flooring is a must while playing. As players keep their faith in this kind of material made of wood, it is becoming a huge challenge to the synthetic floor.

From the nature

The badminton court area designed with wood is absolutely obtained from the natural resource called trees. These trees are among those species which need to be searched deep inside the forest. A few among them which are worth mentioning are birch, maple, salwood, teak, oak, pine, spruce, balsam for and many others like these. The timber is mainly procured from trunk of a tree rather than the branches of a tree because of the immense strength the bark holds within itself near the stem. Each of them create a wooden flooring that possesses qualities of its own depending upon its inherent features, suiting the desires of every player naturally.

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Noticeable structural design

Thus this type of a surface fuels to shape an easy badminton court which has a length of 13.4 meter and a width of 6.1 meters in case of doubles and 5.2 meters for singles. With a net having a height of 5 feet in length the player sends the shuttle cock over this by hitting it using the racket. It covers a huge space to practice inside a big hall-like room. The surface is laminated near the borders. Moreover, the wooden covering has a minimum amount of thickness determined while cutting it into its quadrangular shape.

Why Air Cush Badminton Court Wooden Flooring ?

The reasons behind using an air cushioned flooring are quite simple. Some of those aspects are discussed below to give a better idea about an air cushioned badminton court:

Some of its particularities

Each and every person, whether battling in indoor stadium or playing just for the sake of amusement, always prefer to set foot on something which presents a good grip over the surface. Otherwise, it could lead to injuries effectuating health issues. As this floor is made of wood with an air cushion advancement, this provides a good set up for the player to play with an enhanced shot making. The air cushion facility presents extra thrust to the ball providing aid to get the best bouncing effect. Also, this wood flooring absorbs most of the energy exerted by the weight of the body of a player while playing giving back a minimal reaction force. The air cushion fixed with badminton courts having wooden flooring comprise much more consistent resiliency, less friction thus resulting in a better ball bounce.

Safeguards a player's health

All the more, testing the capability in indoors is way safer than trying it outdoors. The harsh climatic and weather conditions like rain, scorching heat, unwanted dust particles that are available on the open ground affect the player's attention to a great extent. Hence playing in the outdoors should be avoided except conditions where no alternative remains. Moreover, playing in these hard surfaces brings about loss of sound health.

Reduces further damage

A playing arena equipped with such an efficient flooring ensures an excellent and a safe badminton game. What can be said more perfectly is the fact that this type of air cushioning material within a floor of wood safeguards a sportsman from any injury that might befall anytime and anywhere when competing on a floor other than wooden one. Such as that of a track with cement flooring the risk factor increases to a higher level. Due to the roughness and sturdiness it provides unlike a wooden surface, players are seen falling on the playing area and grumpily getting up to hurts and cuts. But on a hard fibrous material like a wooden covering, which is backed by an air cushioned feature, there remains neither the cause of danger nor the possibility of injuries. It is only because the flooring is created by laying down strips parallel to each to give it an appearance similar to the boards. The glide becomes smooth and the flexibility nurtured when the competitors move in a light-footed manner.

These are some of the additional information which promote an air cushioned badminton court:

  • Best for differently abled players who can easily roll their wheelchairs.
  • Absolutely less in price.
  • No mind-boggling maintenance.
  • Is easily cleaned after every game.
  • Is resistant to damages through cracks and chemicals.
  • Totally waterproof in nature.
  • Supports maximum warranty.
  • Supports high durability.
  • Is of supreme quality.