Air Cush Multipurpose Hall Wooden Flooring

Air Cush Multipurpose Hall Wooden Flooring


Air cush wooden flooring is a type of flooring which makes it safer for every athlete. It is designed in such a way that the wooden flooring is free from causing injuries. The air cush makes it excellent and keeps a steady resiliency for the players. To mention a few such ways, one is nullified injury as said earlier and the other is making it convenient for them to take over the playing area.

Going back to the start from where the wood is cut down from the branches of a tree, we know how important it is to choose that specific wood in order to give the best of products for your field. Making sure the trees from which this hard fibrous material is brought for manufacture is healthy and not dry. This will, in turn, bring an impact on how your Wooden Flooring quality will be.

The material which is used for the flooring of any measured area is very important to be looked after, as every athlete’s match is based on how he plays in contact with the floor.

The heart of the stadium will be the ground in which your Wooden Flooring is fixed for the matches to be held. That’s when one notes that the trunk of a tree of any situated forest from which the timber or any such sort will be used in the production. Making sure it meets all the requirements of agencies or any sports board who are in charge of the flooring. As we’re talking about the multipurpose hall, the Wooden Flooring is manufactured in a way that each and every sport which is played in that arena makes the athlete satisfied, be it of any level. This air cush multipurpose hall will very much need a flooring of wood which can be suitable for multiple indoor games.

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Why Air Cush Multipurpose Hall Wooden Flooring ?

It is necessary to know why your track needs air cush wooden flooring. As we know it’s for a multipurpose hall, this air cush wood flooring can accept numerous games played on the same floor. The floor is made of a cush wooden consisting of European wood surface boards and the underframe is made of runners from for/pine wood from their respective trees. It makes the pitch perfect and the material is shaped in such a way that it is uniform in level and the edges are as well carved properly.

In order to keep a track and improve the athlete’s performance, an optimal balance of the floor between the slide and friction is being provided. For a multipurpose room, the wooden floor must act as a comfort for the players.

The various games which a multipurpose hall can lodge in are:

  • Volleyball,
  • Badminton,
  • Basketball,
  • Squash,
  • Table tennis and much more.

Players of all these fields find comfort from this air cush wooden flooring. It has its own features which makes it unique and ensures safety. To list down a few:

  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Durability
  • Shock absorbent
  • Pressure treated with anti-termite chemicals
  • Free from causing injuries
  • Minimizes the risk of expanding the wood

This air cush multipurpose wooden flooring can undertake any sort of activities by just giving a perfect lining or line markings. From dance programs to stage performances. This injury-free multipurpose flooring makes it easier to rely on. As we know various games are of different forms, the speed variation should also be considered. From fast to slow, these flooring can control them as the bounce quality matters.

This wooden flooring is long lasting and maintenance-free as their air cush pads are made from EPDM rubbers.

The air cush multipurpose hall is intended to fulfill the needs of various activities and is assured for the quality service. Along with the safety of the player or the performer, it makes it easier to find themselves comfortable in their new field.