Air cush sports wooden flooring

Air cush sports wooden flooring


Air cush sports wooden flooring is a safe and secure flooring system specifically designed as a replacement or an alternative of various other wooden floorings utilized in sports-related structures. This kind of flooring is made for athletes those who play regularly and considering their safety this wood flooring is manufactured with detailed analysis and research on what type of floor is essential for athletic players. The air cush sports wooden flooring is developed in a way so that it is an injury free flooring system, it also has an excellent ball bounce, consistent resiliency, and friction.

The health of Professional players is extremely important for the organizations the players play for, that is why the organizations are responsible for various stadiums, gymnasium, Olympic track, and also different playing ground, Arena room, and playing areas. They opt for Air cush sports wooden flooring system as it is manufactured to nullify injury and protect the player's joints, ankle and knees from the forceful impact of jumping, hopping et cetera.

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The air cushion wooden flooring is installed in various National game centers. And that is why it is very important for this type of floor to maintain the international standard which has been stated by various Federation or agencies. If the floor passes the International standard test then only it will be considered safe enough to install in any kind of sports-related Center or in school, colleges etc. The air cush wooden flooring system has to provide an optimal balance between sliding fiction this is a significant step as it helps improve the performances of players and provide them with the required comfort they need while playing.

The Air cush sports wood flooring system is manufactured off specially chosen woods (not hard fibrous material) of different trees, and the timber is imported from various Forest around the world. Generally, air cush sports wood flooring is developed using Maple or white oak trees, especially the trunk of a tree and the branches of a tree.

Why Air Cush sports wooden flooring ?

The air cush sports wooden flooring must contain these special qualities like shock absorption, stability, and energy consumption which is essential as it helps the players play without any worry of injury. This type of flooring is generally considered a safe injury free flooring system and works as a protection to the bodies of players and protect them from wear and tear.

The significant reasons why air cush sports Court wood flooring is generally used in various squash courts are as follows:

1. The air cush sports wooden floor is made of materials developed and designed for this specific purpose, the wood resists termites which helps the flooring system continue to work for a huge length of time without any decay or defects. This flooring system is made of materials that are extremely easy to install and saves time too. Air cush wood flooring system is manufactured as water resistant so the wooden material will not be slippery and cause accidents.

2. Playing is living and breathing for professional players, and it is important that the floors they play on should be as safe as possible so that not only professionals but general players can be safe from any type of injury. And that is why air cush sports wooden flooring is a splendid choice for any type of Sports playing area. This flooring system is extraordinarily safe for players, and the players can easily release their tension of injury and play.

3. The air cush wooden flooring system has to be manufactured of light-colored wooden materials, which is supposed to be similar to the color of the English beech trees or Canadian Rock Maple trees. And one more important point the developers has to follow is that the boards used to develop the flooring system has to be grooved and tongued as long length as possible. Professional installers install the floorboards of the air cush flooring on the sports court ground. There is a specific procedure to lay the boards, it has to be laid from front to back not transversely, and this process is maintained normally for the utmost safety of the players.

This flooring system has a few Flexible materials like rubber or a few other flexible materials nailed to the floor, this is done because it provides the air cush wooden flooring system a certain level of give or spring to ensure better performance from the players. Lastly, one more significant point not to be forgotten is that the air cush floors should not be painted, oiled, polished or varnished instead it has to be sanded, and this is generally done to ensure the safety of the players so that they don't slip while playing.