Air-cush squash court wooden flooring

Air-cush squash court wooden flooring


Air cushion squash Court wooden flooring system is an extremely safe alternative of a normal wooden flooring system for the field of sports. It is safe injury free flooring, specially designed for sports it has an excellent consistent Residency, ball Bounce, and friction. These kinds of floorings are designed keeping in mind the health of the players and to nullify injury impact on several parts of the human body. Squash is an international Sports and the manufacturing of this sport's court flooring has to maintain the international standards stated by agencies of federations. The squash Court wood flooring has to have these specific qualities energy consumption, shock absorption, stability, and restitution. That is why air cushion squash Court flooring is used almost every International or renowned squash playing centers, stadiums or Arena.

A squash Court flooring system must provide an optimal balance between sliding friction, this is an important point Which enhances comfort and helps improve performance. Players from different age groups and various levels will definitely find comfort and feel safe in this air-cush wooden floor material. The floor of air cushion squash Court flooring system is produced from imported white oak and Maple branches of a tree and trunk of a tree. This fine Timber is specifically chosen from a various forest and their quality is tested so that it maintains the standard. The standard of the wooden specs is then recognized internationally and accepted by several sports governing bodies. And then selected for its exceptional durability, strength and high resistance to tear and wear. After choosing the wood it is then kiln dried or seasoned, and pressure treated with chemicals for termite repulsion in dosed vessels.

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Why Air-Cush Squash Court Wooden Flooring ?

Air cushion squash wooden flooring system contains shock absorbing rubber pad which protects the bodies of the players from various injuries, wear and tear sets, and helps in extending their playing careers. The floor has to be taken care of pretty well so that the risk of expansion and contraction due to temperature changes in the room, which is a very usual characteristic of natural wood can be reduced. The floorboards or the tiles of air cushion squash Court wood flooring system is machined especially to a tongue and groove design for concealed joints.

There are various reasons why air cushion squash Court wooden flooring is generally used in various squash courts.

1. The air cushion squash Court floor is made of specifically designed material to resist termites which will help the flooring system last a long period of time without any deformation. This kind of flooring system is also pretty easy to install which saves a lot of time. This flooring system is also water resistant so the woods won't decay and then the water can be rubbed off later on without any harm to the flooring system.

2. The most essential factor regarding any type of sports flooring system is that it has to be safe so that the players can be comfortable and play without any fear of injury. And that is why air cushion squash wooden flooring system is an excellent choice for a squash playing area or court floor, as it is extremely safe and players can play injury free Sports without any underlying tension.

3. There are various standards of Squash Sports that has to be maintained while installing an air cushion squash wooden flooring system. The floor that has been constructed has to be of light-colored wood, which is quite similar to the color of Canadian Rock Maple trees or English beech trees. And the floorboards have to be tongued and grooved as long length as possible. The professionals install the floorboards on the court ground, the boards have to be laid from front to back and not transversely, which is generally done for the safety of the players. Flexible materials like rubber or a few other flexible things are used under the wood to provide the squash court flooring system a considerable amount of spring or give. The floor is generally sanded instead of painting, oiling, polishing or varnishing because it might lead the players to slip.