Air Cush Volleyball Court wooden flooring

 Air Cush Volleyball Court wooden flooring


The air cush wooden flooring is the best one for security and accident-free features. It is considered for its great steady flexibility. These kind of floorings are reliable for any accidental cases. Its elasticity, bouncing and friction features make it best suitable for indoor games like Volleyball. These type of floorings are constructed to make the stadium be accident-free and to have the minimum injury situations. They reduce the impacts of injuries for the athletes. These air cush floorings are designed to meet all the possible needs for the arena track of sports. Most of the wooden floorings are made from the branches of a tree. Reused wood floorings are generally made with the help of remilled salvage timbers. These trees are those which are no longer present to harvest and are very rarely found in old trees.

The floor is made up of wood of maple tree, oak or beach surface boards and generally, have a base layer made of pine or spruce wood. These wood are then made into logs and are composed of timber from the trunk of a tree. All kinds of players whether professional or aged find this type of wood flooring as the most comfortable and safe. These floors are internationally recognized and are accepted for their quality performance of durability. These floors are generally made of wood boards from timber.

This kind of floorings can be manipulated according to the needs of what type of wood is best suited for your needs. They are said to be useful in both indoor and outdoor conditions. The filed is mostly made up of wooden boards. They are mostly designed for the utmost comfort and pleasure of the players. They ensure no impact on the feet, knee and ankles of the players. It gives attraction to a real wood court with easy maintenance. You can trust these floorings while having thought of injury prevention.

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Why Air cush Volleyball Court wooden flooring ?

These type of floorings have features like shock consumption, restoration, bouncing, elasticity and energy consumption. Due to these features, it becomes easier for the athletes to roam around the room and take higher leaps for the game. They can without any fear of injuries try new techniques and loops that are most needed in the playing ground field.

The floor is stain resistant and thus leaves the attractive feature of the floor to be sustained even after longer times. Its elegant design also gives a centre for the audience to have a closer look towards the way the players work with their feet. They also give a smooth finish to the flooring towards the working of the installation in the stadiums and other playing areas.

These floors are made of materials like polyurethane lacquer and are sanded in a uniform manner. They are made specially to nullify the impacts of injury on the human body. The floors are also contained with hard fibrous material rubber pads that give shock resistant floors providing with stability, restitution and energy consumption. These materials do not have an impact on the living trees. It adds to the quality of the floorings.

To enhance the performance and provide more comfort, the air cush wooden floorings have a great balance of friction and slide. The wood is practised with anti-termite chemical materials to check the contraction and expansion of the floor. They are said to have high stabilities and resistance towards wear and tear. The natural characteristics of the wood include minimizing the risks of wear and tear. The floor has extra pads of cushion to provide comfort.

The floor is made with concealed joints and thus has no gaps in between. This gives a great grip of the surface for the players in the room. Its variety of colors provide a great look towards the game and gives visibility to another level for the audience and players. They provide a guarantee of high energy impacts without getting broke. They are easier to clean and do not require any kind of finishing again. There are no patches on the ground even after a long play. These floors reduce the tiredness of the players. They can be easily painted again without removing the previous layers and can be easily repaired.