Air Cush Wooden Flooring

Air Cush Wooden Flooring


With the advancement of technology, along with all stands of life, sports have also experienced a number of advancements from equipment to courts to stadiums to arenas and many more. The world of sports has turned toward a substance called Wood and is widely used today across the world.

The wooden flooring is a product manufactured from timber designed for use of flooring either structural or aesthetic. The wood flooring is made of branches of tree what we call timber in our day-to-day life. The timber is collected from the green forests thus allowing the flooring to be purely tough. The selection of trees is done on the basis of the wood’s quality. The trunk of a tree has always been the main source of wood for wooden flooring. Also, timber is considered to be the best material among trees for the purpose of sports. While according to history though the wood has been used in the field of sports since quite a long time its quality and demand have increased significantly over the years. The reason maybe the underlying comforts behind the use of wood.

Air Cush Wooden Flooring is the latest and the safest injury-free sports flooring. It is commonly used for sports like Indoor Volleyball, Indoor Badminton, Indoor Basketball and other multipurpose halls. It is specially designed to nullify an injury impact on a sports person in case of injury. It meets all the requirements for all kinds of sports surface. It takes care of all the factors from shock absorption, energy consumption, and ball bounce to stability and restoration. Yet another quality of air Cush wooden flooring is its easy customization which provides uniformity to the players.

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Why Air Cush Wooden Flooring?

Air Cush Wooden Flooring System is laid wherein a kiln-dried imported wood surface using wood like Oak, Teak, Maple or Beech wood is used. A base frame of imported Fir, Spruce and Pine Wood etc are used. After installation processes over, the floor is machine sanded in uniform level. It is then finished with imported non-skid DIN certified polyurethane lacquer.

The only game on which the above procedure changes is Squash. Squash is also an indoor game but the Air Cush Wooden Flooring is installed in different ways than the way mentioned as to above-mentioned procedure.

The features of Air Cush Wooden Flooring that make it worth investment include:

  • Stain Resistivity
  • Elegant Designing
  • Smooth Finishing
  • Highly Durable
  • Strong and Hard
  • Shock absorption
  • High Bouncing Capabilities
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Customization
  • Uniformity

Air Cush Wooden Flooring is a hard fibrous material making the playing area and floors to be of easy maintenance. A comparatively little maintenance once set up truly. It must be remembered that the wooden floors be cleaned throughout for the comfort and beauty of it. Air Cush Wooden Flooring lasts longer with stadium, track, arena, field, ground, floor and playing area for quite a lifetime. The material used in the flooring is quite finished and worth use in various fields.

The main precautions that need to be taken are the wooden floor should be normally cleared as the floor is made of high-quality wood. While not much hard work is required of the maintenance but the flooring demands a little up keep after installing. It must be made sure that no extra items cling to the surface of the floor.

The flooring is highly exceptionally strong and is resistant to the vigorous and extension wear and tear and the rough use by the players in the floored area.

Another feature of Air Cush Wooden Flooring is its customization. Customization can be easily and proficiently opt in flooring at places like stadium, boards, arena, rooms and many more. The owner gets a chance to be creative and own a well-finished floor.

A very important yet quite neglected advantage of wooden flooring is it delivers a uniform playing service to the athletes. While non-uniform flooring has its own disadvantages the major loss is incurred by the players who face extra muscle forces leading to more energy consumption and fatigue.