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Artificial Turf

Apex Sports excel when it comes to manufacturing and providing our clients with the perfect turf suitable for their needs. We offer a variety of turf surfaces, based on the type of sports activity being incorporated. Our turf structure and formulation comes from the best USA based research and manufactured in India, with the highest quality grade of raw materials, to produce an astonishing finished end turf surface. All our outdoor artificial turfs surface are redeemed safe and rank of a high-quality international approval. Our turfs are suitable for all types of sports including football, hockey, lawn tennis, hockey, etc. With the on growing water shortage and scarcity, constant maintenance of grasslands has been a huge pinch in the pocket, however, with artificial turf, this problem is eradicated. Customers demands for artificial turfs have increased rapidly. Apex Sports also offers artificial turfs for children play areas to increase comfort and injury safety, in case of a fall or a slip which is often the case when children play.

Product Details

We have excelled in artificial turf sales because all our products get massively inspected for any shortages or compliant nonadherence technicalities. Considering our strong investment into detailed inspection and safety test makes us more reliable, than other artificial turf competitors. We are in a constant update of our technology and resources that provide our customers, with the latest trending flooring solutions to provide optimal efficiency. All our products are innovative and of superior quality, which is available to our patrons and exclusive affordable market rates. Apex Sports artificial turfs are certified and approved by ITF standards.


  • USA based Technolgy
  • Warranties with products
  • Superior Indian Raw Materials
  • Sports Artificial turfs
  • Landscaping Turfs
  • Low maintenance
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Standard green Colour or Tailor-made colour design

Technical Specifications

  • USA based technology and research
  • Function smoothly with water scarcity
  • International Olympic Standards technical specifications
  • Products specifications are Internationally certified by ITF
  • Highest Quality of Yarn
  • Multiple yarn Thickness based on custom design


  • We are International Certifed and Tested so we are safe to use
  • Warranty options available for our clients
  • Turnkey Solutions for specific requirements
  • Low Maintenance and Superior Quality
  • Accurate and Easy Installation
  • One stop for manufacturing and Repair

Applications where Apex Sports Excels

  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Multi-Play Sports
  • Children Play Zone
  • Golf
  • Football
  • Landscaping
  • Hockey

We offer our clients only the best because we are dedicated to a long-term relationship with our clients, providing superior artificial turf. With our turf made from the best quality at a reasonable price. We are considered value for money and the perfect manufacturer of artificial turf, with safety and quality never being compromised. All our turfs are available as per standard or tailor-made design and come in a variety of colours for our clients.