Badminton Court Teak Wood Flooring

Badminton Court Teak Wood Flooring


Badminton Court Flooring finished with 21 mm thick, 57 to 92 mm wide and in random length in tongue and groove shape. The edges of the boards will have a finger lock groove and the bottom side with air pass groove and treated with special anti termite and water resistant lacquer.

The Under Frame: Made of Pine wood runners of 70 mm x 45 mm, treated with anti-termite solution and fixed on the bottom side with 19 mm thick EPDM air cushioned pads, stappled through the two wings at 300 mm x 300 mm

Installation: IPS subfloor treated with a vapour barier to be placed on the leveled IPS sub-floor before laying the under frame. The runners having air cushion pads to be placed on the vapour barier in perfect level at 350 mm in 1 direction. The surface board to be screwed to the runner through the tongue only and will lock the screwed tongue by the groove of adjoining board. Ends of the boards will be locked by inserting the wooden fingers through the edge grooves and fixed with suitable adhesive. An expansion of 8 to 10 mm to be left open between the wooden flooring and the surrounding tiled area / walls.

Finishing: After installation the floor will be machine sanded in uniform level and finished with BONA DIN APPROVED P. U. Polishing water based polyurethane lacquer. Game line marking to be carried out in required colors before applying the finish coat.

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity1250 Square Feet
Type of Sports FlooringBadminton Court Flooring
Court TypeIndoor
BrandApex Sports Surfaecs India
Floor Thickness85 mm
Thickness76 mm
MaterialTeak Wood

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All about badminton court teak wood flooring:

The use of teak wooden flooring in Badminton has turned to pick a pace. The wood flooring is made of the timber from the very branches of a tree, collected from the green forests which allow it to be purely tough and the best material for the purpose of sports. The wood is collected from the trunk of a tree because of its sturdiness. The trees are selected on the basis of their wood’s quality and its robustness. Wooden corridor flooring has been used in sports for a long time now and the ‘ask’ for it have increased to a great proportion as the comforts of it are worth recognizing and also, it’s being used in Badminton because it can easily help attain the player a very strong grip, and even it provides the athlete with proper uniformity, shock absorption, and its easy customization depending on the area. Also, regarding the cleanliness and hygiene of the badminton court’s floor, there are some genuinely stunning reports out there itemizing the parasites that surfaces other than teak wood can harbor. It turns to be somehow happened to peruse these reports that would not go anyplace close to a floor covering. These allergen delivering, dust bugs, insects or residue play devastation with sensitivity sufferers, a story from wood kills this sparing you cash and outrageous inconvenience.

The wooden floor is made of teak, which turns out to be a really hard fibrous material which makes the badminton playing area to be of easy maintenance. Teak Wooden flooring requires comparatively little maintenance once set up perfectly as the floor boards are very volatile and adjustable. It is required that all wooden floors be cleaned throughout for relinquishing the comfort and beauty of it flawlessly. Amid the obligatory care wood floors lasts with the courts, stadiums and tracks for a lifetime.

Why badminton court teak wood flooring ?

As the Newton third law says activity levels with a response. So wooden courts ingest the power applied by body weight and gives to a lesser degree a response constrain back. Additionally, we can likewise not plunge on established floor because it can result in cut, wounds or sprain. In any case, it is imperative to play with non-stamping shoes on wooden court generally the hold of the court slackens up and you can begin to slip.

Withal, the bouncing back of the ball on a wood flooring structure compared to concrete turns out to be in the favor of wooden flooring. Since the wooden floor is identically tantamount to concrete in the amount of rebound quantified, this gives the wooden surfaces a perfect amount of spring back required for the play itself. Wooden surfaces distribute a standardized plane playing surface for athletes. Whereas the floorings which were not in a uniform plane has been kenned to coerce athletes’ muscles to perpetually acclimate to sudden vicissitudes in playing surfaces, which increases energy to be burning up and easily lead to exhaustion.

In the event that following a couple of years your wood floor has been scratched or is somewhat harmed because of overwhelming mileage. Straightforward sand and seal will take it back to new once more. This is much less exorbitant than refitting another floor covering.

Not exclusively are wooden floors increasingly clean, yet covers likewise trap in disagreeable scents from the perspiration dripping off the player's body or things that have been spilled. The smell of a finished wooden floor is a joy and will make your playing area additionally welcoming. Wood flooring is more sterile than the other kind of grounds preferred for playing badminton as it can easily cleaned and maintained; hence providing least chances for termites to do any damage.

The customization of wooden flooring makes it easier to be opted for places like stadiums, tracks, fields, arenas, rooms and several other arenas. Since wood flooring offers a great deal of customization, it allows changing the outline of the floor at whatever time the floor is suitable for a new getup all over. Places like stadiums and courts (tennis/basketball/badminton) tend to get their floors withered away easily but when the floor is made from wood, it increases it’s durability and provides more options to customize in several ways. This looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye and endows a perfect comfort for the players/ athletes.