Badminton Court Wooden Sports Flooring

Wooden Sports Flooring

Apex Sports are leading manufactures for all sporting floorings and surfaces. Our Wooden Sports Flooring are made from the highest quality of wood, that brings out the best in the surface finishing product. We are considered as a reputed manufacturer and supplier of wooden based sports flooring. Our wooden sports floorings have the highest demand for indoor sports. Wooden sports floorings are more expensive than other product surfaces purely for its quality and standard. The flooring needs to be installed with accurate care, which our experienced professional carry out with ease. With our long-term experience and dedicated staff, we excel in the manufacturing of quality artistic wooden flooring surfaces. They can be treated with a wide range of colors, logos, and designs, that can be tailor-made as per the requirements of the customer.

Other Details:

We follow USA research and Technology, based on the highest performance and flexibility of using wood surfaces. All our Wooden floorings are anti termite treated and varnished to give a perfect appeal and shine for a quality gameplay. Our Wood Flooring is designed and manufactured, using maple wood as its strength and durability appeals more to an indoor setup. Naturally, we use superior quality goods and raw materials and provide our customers with reasonable market value rates. Perfect for installing, where there is a maximum exposure to wear and tear.

Technical Specifications:

  • Apex Sports wooden flooring has been tested and approved on various aspects to check the performance and quality.
  • BWF, WSF & FIBA tested certified and approved as per technical specifications
  • Follows all technical specifications such as sound insulation for indoor Building compliance and norms.
  • Excellence Ball Bounce
  • Superior Raw Materials
  • Termite Treated
  • Anti-Glare and Wear Resistant
  • Vertical deformation and Shock Absorption
  • All types of Maple wood grades available
  • Rubber pads are integrated for maximized comfort
  • USA based Technology and technical specifications tested and approved
  • Thickness range of 77mm – 89mm and more (If required)
  • Constructions are subjected to with or without the need for plywood
  • Top thickness diversity and custom design
  • All the sports wooden flooring products are covered with a high-grade quality of lacquer to provide maximum durability
  • Squash Courts are available as per World Squash Federation Marks


  • Available with multiple choice of product specifications
  • Guaranteed superior Quality
  • Visible Linings and sports markings
  • BWF, WSF & FIBA certified.
  • Low Maintenance
  • Market Available rates
  • Warranty and Repair options, as per contract
  • Approved and Certified by Apex Sports Professionals
  • Recommended for all Indoor Sports Activities
  • Long Lasting life
  • Shock and Impact Resistant
  • Ball Bounce and Lift
  • Stringent tests and quality inspections done


  • Squash Court
  • Badminton Court
  • Basketball court
  • Stage and Auditoriums
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Table-Tennis
  • Multi-purpose court etc.
Note: Wooden floors should not be used, where moisture is accumulated or may pose a threat. It is widely not recommended where areas are commonly termite prone.

Product Details:

Finish TypeGlossy
ColorBrown and Blue
BrandApex Sport Surfaces India
Thickness1-10 mm
Wear layer1.0 mm /1.2 mm

More info:

For all the badminton devotees in the city, there is something that should never neglect and that is the floor on which you will play badminton. The badminton ground must be built properly so that you can reach at the pinnacle of progress with all your ability. There are different companies which built many types of courts for playing badminton. They try to provide everything they can do to help your training field with the ground surface that you interest for an ideal round of badminton.

Now no more of a greater amount of those plain looking floors that does not give the correct ground for an expert player. With the Wooden flooring produced by the different Group of organizations, you will get the deck that you have dream for your training. The ideal completion of wooden flooring of badminton court is the thing that they endeavor to offer you.

Many companies produce wooden games floor materials, that are utilized by numerous individuals or the customers for expert playing. Wooden flooring is done by choosing the best wood amongst the whole forest. Produced using the best wooden timber, the use of maple wood flooring, to give the clients the most ideal amusement benefits to badminton recreations. The badminton wooden court floor materials are comprised of pad elastic paddings that are at last finished with solid timber wood that is treated with an anti-termite arrangement, shielding your wooden floor from creepy crawlies and other decaying related difficulties. The Wooden flooring is then finished with a veneer material on the woody surface to give a glossy but antiglare appearance that is satisfying to the eye. This diversions ground surface can be introduced in multi-reason recreations and wooden badminton based floor materials which are effectively cleanable and have low support goals for the customers.

Why Badminton Court Wooden Sports Flooring is needed?

The trunk of a tree is used for making the wooden floor. The maple and the white oak trees wood offer the best wood which is impervious to dampness harm. It is ensured by the companies that the wood will neither stain nor blur from its underlying look. Wooden flooring makes an ideal work space that is proficient. The branches of a tree, the hard fibrous material is selected, processed, treated with anti-insects and finally given the polished texture which you have desired for. There are distinctive scopes of wood and every timber has its very own forte. The experts of the organization works as per the customer's inclination to convey what will suit each inclination of the customer. The floor is made with premium quality manufactured sheets. The sturdiness and scratch safe is the guarantee of value items but such floors are expensive.

Simple establishment of the wooden ground surface will be finished by experts who will likewise direct you with the correct strategies of support.

In the wake of having done the deck with hardwood or built wood, the ground surface can be given a finished touch by utilizing the lamination for coating. It is often observed that the synthetic floors are less costly than wooden floor so people tend to utilize synthetic coating over wooden flooring. But, even though the synthetic flooring are cheaper options as they can be laid over hard and plain surface, the solid wood laminate flooring are expensive than synthetic flooring because wooden flooring provides the ultimate support to your game. The laminate wood flooring is made from composite wood pressed together at high temperatures. It is a multi-layer synthetic product of flooring. The image like sheets of real wood design is then covered over the compressed wood to form the laminate. This is cheaper option than hardwood flooring.

Since the solid wood laminate flooring is more durable than vinyl, the floor experts suggest using this type of wooden flooring at the living rooms, studies, playrooms, bedrooms, game boards, playing tracks, sports arena, match stadium etc. There are waterproof types of flooring also for the laminate design. These are suggested to be used in bathrooms and kitchen. Any type playing area should be built from laminated wooden flooring so that they can last longer. Hardwoods are natural material so they are liable to fade, but laminate flooring is UV protected and they prevent the sun damage to happen.