Badminton Teak Wood Flooring

Badminton Teak Wood Flooring


Apex Sport Surfaces India provide Badminton Teak Wood Flooring wooden sports flooring system designed for, Badminton Teak Wood Flooring of Indian and imported timbers

Product Details:

BrandApex Sport Surfaces India...
Thickness15 - 21 mm
Finish TypeGlossy

More info:

Badminton is a racquet game that requires swift wrist and arm movements. Flooring is essential here as same as for other sports. Here the green coloured floor is highly preferable. Badminton is an indoor game. However, this sport is casually played outdoor with shuttle racquets. Flooring for badminton courts increases the aesthetic value of the sport. Wooden flooring for Badminton can be prepared in different cushion thickness according to the budget of the client and the level of athletes or player who is made to play on it. For badminton flooring, teakwood is preferred and moreover many tournaments are played on teakwood floor only.

The usage teakwood in flooring will give the elastic condition to the floor. Generally Flooring is made for a room to cover the floor, for a stadium to look good, to create a track for walking in the ground field, to create a playing area at an arena and so on. Many flooring options are available today but, wooden flooring is considered as the best and standard flooring for any sports Wood is the cheap and the best choice for flooring. A floor is made with boards of wood, which makes the floor even. Wood is obtained from trees and the greatest resource for trees is a forest. After making the wood fell down off the trees it is then called timber. It can be extracted from branches of a tree and also from the trunk of a tree, which is a hard fibrous material. So for any wooden flooring the main raw material is wood. Players and athletes choose a stadium or ground for their practise and competitions which are fulfilled with essential infrastructure Flooring is their base criteria to select a stadium. To select a type of flooring one may have many options but it is not right that all floorings are durable and efficient.

Why Badminton Teak Wood Flooring ?

Teak Wood is highly recommended for flooring a badminton court. Because it has the following features

High Quality, Durability, Cost Efficiency, Easy to install and Easy to maintain.

Teak Wood flooring at stadiums and multipurpose arenas is not the only infrastructure of appearance but also a safety parameter for players and athletes. Because the uneven and rough surfaces of a floor can make dangerous injuries to an athlete or player which in turn makes him leave the sport. To avoid such issues and have smooth playing flooring is to be done at every playing area or stadium. At Badminton court Teak wood is preferred and so the high quality raw material is required.

Teak Wood Floor for a badminton court helps in saving the energy of a player by making him not tire much. It helps as protection for the foot of players. Its Shock absorbance, sound absorbance features make the players perform well. The player or Athlete safety is foremost important hence Shock Absorbance is used in nullifying the pain of players when getting hurt. Wood flooring is helpful in increasing the player’s concentration, as the floor is evenly covered. It enables the correctness in bouncing a ball. Wood flooring is also helpful in the energy consumption of players by creating a uniform pattern while playing. As wood is obtained from a natural resource it may not cost high. But it requires some additional work like making the wood into planks and boards, polishing them so one needs to invest in them. Coming to maintaining the Badminton court wood flooring, it is very easy to do. Conventional methods like moping and wiping are sufficient to maintain them. Good maintenance will keep up the efficiency of the wood floor for years. Hence To meet the expectations of badminton players, to maintain the standards of a badminton sport and to entail the safety measures of a player or athlete, flooring must be done. As the availability and other features like durability and efficiency of wood are great enough, wooden flooring is a better and the best option for sports.