Badminton Wooden Flooring

Badminton Wooden Flooring

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Wood is not a new word for anyone today but it has much more to give to the world. While technology has advanced to much extent, there are a few things that have directly and indirectly made our lives better. The world has started to lean on what we called Wood across many strands of life.

Wooden Flooring is the current hot trend in the market now. It is one of the most practical forms of flooring that has affected the lives in quite a few ways. Wood Flooring is quite luxurious and comforting in its own ways.

Apart from flooring in rooms, floors or other places at home, wood flooring has gained a lot of name in the field of Sports as well. From stadium, tracks, arena to field and grounds, there is no place which wooden flooring has left untouched.

Wooden Flooring is manufactured from timber which is the branches of a tree called timber in the day to day life. Timber is collected from green forests thus ensuring flooring to be tough and long-lasting. The selection is purely made on the basis of wood’s quality. The main source of the best quality of wood for wooden flooring is often considered to be the trunk of a tree.

While timber is quite a hard fibrous material considered to be the best material among all the trees mainly for the purpose of sports. While until a few years the wood has been used in the field of wood, its popularity has grown in the recent years. The reason may be the underlying comforts quality and many more behind the use of wood.

One of the major sports that have accepted wooden flooring includes outdoor games like tennis and badminton. The wooden surfaces ensure that the game is played evenly in the court.

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Why Badminton Wooden Flooring ?

The game of badminton is quite stiff while thought from the views of a badminton player. The player needs to constantly move fast across the court forcing them to cover nearly the entire court. Any distorted are or any change in uniformity of court is surely going to affect the players. The main idea behind using wooden boards’ floors is made, that it is designed in such a way that it nullifies the injury impact on a sports person in case of injury. It takes all the factors including shock absorption, energy consumption to the friction and grip for the player. Thus wood flooring serves as a good option for preparing a court favorable to the players. Often it is better to choose wooden flooring is that it provides uniformity to the ground thus saving the major loss of the players which is extra muscle forces that indirectly leads to large energy consumption and fatigue.

There are a number of features of Wooden Flooring that make it perfect to be used in the playing area. These features mainly include:

  • Stain Resistivity
  • High Bouncing Capabilities
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Smooth Finishing
  • Highly Durable
  • Strong and Hard
  • Shock absorption
  • Elegant Designing
  • Customization
  • Uniformity

But there is a major precaution that is needed to be taken while maintains wooden floorings. The floor should be normally cleared using a mop which contains an impregnated cotton head. No clammy mop must be used to clean the floor. Even using water directly must be avoided strictly.

While not much hard work is required of the maintenance but the flooring demands a little maintenance after installing. It must be make sure that no extra items cling to the surface of the floor.

The flooring very strong and is resistant to the vigorous and extension wear and tear. It is built in such a way that it can also bear the rough use by the players in the floored area.

Apart from all this, another attractive thing about building badminton courts using wood is that it can be customized as per the requirement. As the wood lasts longer, the customization is a plus point to the investors as it would leave them with no tension of the wear and tear of the design of the flooring. The output of wooden flooring a badminton court is a long lasting beautifully designed court