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Children Play Area

Our children are precious and they require the safest play zones, to have the most thrilling and enjoyable childhood experience. Apex Sports floorings, put safety as the number one priority when it comes to child safety and protection. Our flooring for a Children Play Area undergoes stringent quality and safety checks. Our floor is made of multiple layers of EPDM rubber, to provide child protection against any injuries. We also provide our clients with standard and custom dimensions and sizes, to help boundary all safety zones.

We are a leading reputed sports turf designers for youngster and toddlers. With non-slippery surfaces and climate resistant surfaces, making it ideal for outdoor installation as well. With the highest quality of ingredients infused to make a long lasting durable surface, that can prove cost-effective and yield low maintenance resolutions.

Product Details

Our floors reduce any joint stress or strain, that can help your family and friends to play for a longer period. With USA based technology implemented for the first time in India, we deliver international standards of boarding surfaces and play zones. We deliver tailor end solutions for all our clients, whether residential properties or schools and universities, we excel in excellence from manufacturing, to design appeal as per our client's requirements.


  • We also have custom available thickness at affordable market rates
  • Warranty availability
  • Certifed for quality and safety as per technicality

Technical Specifications

  • 7mm EPDM layers with a variety of colours
  • Injury free and shock resistant
  • Ranges from black SBR bottom and EPDM based for the top layer
  • Weather and stain resistant
  • Our products are available in any measurement of thickness that is standard like 15mm, 25 & 36 mm


  • High Appeal and colourful design
  • Low Maintenance
  • Affordable pricing
  • Robust flooring for child safety
  • Porous flooring
  • Easy Clean
  • Accurate Installation
  • Tear Resistant


  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Volleyball Areas
  • Malls
  • Courtyards
  • Jogging and running parks
  • Universities and Schools
  • Public Recreational Zones

You cannot stop children from playing roughly, but you can maximise their safety. With our superior tested Children Play Area flooring, we can assure you the best performance for any children's sports activity. We offer all our flooring with a custom design to best suit your planning, so it can easily be installed in backyards and private sectors as well. All our products are internationally certified and provide high output with anti-shock, anti-abrasive and weather resistant. Our flooring can be easily cleaned and do not require a regular upkeep or maintenance. We have the experience and the knowledge for all types of sports play areas for multi-sports like football, badminton, tennis, squash. etc to name a few. We deliver fancy finishing floorings, that boost players performance and increase playing capacity for athletes to excel in all sports activities.