Indoor Wooden Badminton Court Flooring

Indoor Wooden Badminton Court Flooring

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Indoor badminton has quite a craze in India. The badminton courts that are used to play in an indoor game mostly have a synthetic floor. But amazingly players keep more faith in wooden flooring. This type of floor presents a good setup to play with the best shot making and bounce. The wood flooring absorbs most of the force exerted by the weight of the body this giving back a less effective reaction force.

Dealing with the structure

The badminton track surfaces are procured from trees, especially from the area near the trunk of a tree as they form strong holding conditions unlike the branches of a tree with weak timber. The floors appear like boards with wood flooring. The wooden court has a length of 13.4 meters and a width of 6.1 meters for doubles and 5.2 meters for singles. The net should have a height of 5 feet in length. It is played inside a hall-like huge room with the stadium built in for spectators and officials to sit so that they can watch the game. The wooden surface is also laminated near the borders. These have a certain thickness made according to the need of the customer.

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When it is derived from nature

Various kinds of trees are used to build these strips of wood. Timber is obtained from that of oak, maple, teak, birch, spruce, pine, salwood, balsam fir and any more like these. Each has a different quality depending on its features suiting the wishes of every player. The bark of the trunk of a tree has a special hand in this case, as already seen.

Why Indoor Wooden Badminton Court Flooring ?

In indoor badminton, a wooden surface is selected because it guarantees some aspects. Some of them are discussed below to show its genuineness:

Characteristics of its own

In the playing area, the floor is made in such a manner so that the most is gained out of it while playing. In this case, the flooring is done by laying strips of wood parallel to each other to avoid any hindrance so that the player throws the best serves. The wooden flooring should have a matt finish in order to avoid any glare. For this reason, the flooring is precisely made using natural timber brought in from forest. This wood flooring is then covered with a transparent seal. Every playing arena must have this facility of right flooring so that badminton is played in a smooth way by the players.

Safeguards from adversaries

Moreover, when played inside on the floor of a room the player is kept safe from additional problems such caused by natural climatic and weather conditions. Under an open sky in the field the player has to face severe environmental conditions as well as undesired playing surfaces. This is escaped when played inside on a wood flooring.

Assures effortless vitality

Therefore, the material of a floor should be permanently made into a wooden one. That is why, a hard fibrous material such as wood is employed to create better flooring for longevity and sustenance. This would ensure higher performance standards by the player. Also, the wooden flooring reduces the frequency of falling on the floor which is not possible on a cemented, concrete or solid surface. Rather the wooden planks should be applied upon such surfaces which would help not only improve statistics of playing but also minimize the number of injuries inflicted upon the sports person.

Special service for special players

Apart from this, when in indoor courts the disability badminton tournaments are organized the differently able sportsmen tend to prefer an area with less resistance to the wheels of the chairs. A higher rolling advantage is present only in flooring made of wood. These floors have the ability to withstand marks of wheelchairs and other mobility aids that are left after playing by these sportsmen. This proves a better alternative for them than playing on the open ground.

Arrangement to enjoy

Chairs are arranged for both the audience and players to seat and enjoy the competitions within the indoor stadium. However, they do not sit together: sitting arrangements for players are a little different. Theirs is reserved in a specially marked area to see ongoing matches. Separate places are provided to help physically different sportsmen look on the tournament while sitting in their wheelchairs.

Some other features include:

  • Highly durable.
  • Supreme quality
  • Resistance from cracks.
  • Resistance from chemicals.
  • Waterproof surface.
  • Cleaning made easy.
  • Provide maximum warranty.
  • Less expensive than synthetic courts.

Due to these reasons, a court with floor made of wood is liked by sports people. They enjoy when they play in this quadrangular area.