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Sports Vinyl

Apex Sports offers you a deal of a lifetime, with heterogeneous floorings that are Vinyl based. We ensure that all athletes, have an excelled advantage on the playfield designed and installed by us. We are entrepreneurs in design, product finishing, and custom sports surface terrains. We are well reputed for our delivery in technical detailing and knowledge with a vast experience, that is influenced by USA based research and technology.

PU Flooring

Apex Sports offers athletes a chance to ensure the best sports by maximising a players potential. We are well reputed as a branded company because of all our superior raw materials and previous flooring designs. PU flooring is the best known for its plastic quality, that has its own features best suitable for any design, that requires long-term usage. We deliver PU floorings for multi-purpose sports activities and never seem to fall back on performance and quality.


Wooden Sports Flooring

Apex Sports are leading manufactures for all sporting floorings and surfaces. Our wooden floorings are made from the highest quality of wood, that brings out the best in the surface finishing product. We are considered as a reputed manufacturer and supplier of wooden based sports flooring. Our wooden sports floorings have the highest demand in indoor sports. Wooden sports floorings are more expensive than other product surfaces purely for its quality and standard.

Squash Court

Apex Sports has great pride in the production of Squash floorings, especially considering, we were the first to be ITF approved in India, for our state of the art International standard of Squash court. We have turnkey solutions, for all squash court construction, that incorporates all qualities and norms required for a full capacity performance. We provide optimum Squash flooring surfaces, that run numerous test to qualify as shock resistant, to prevent injuries and strains on the joint and muscles.


Rubber Flooring

Apex Sports stringently believes in providing high-quality rubber flooring, which is widely available in multiple dimensions, sizes, and thickness. We are a brand recommended by International and National standards of manufacturing Rubber floorings, from superior rubber based raw materials. We offer our clients, standard 8mm rubber rolls and also have the capability of tailor-made rubber solutions. Rubber floorings are exclusively used in gyms and sports, that require the same sports performance capabilities.

Badminton Court

Apex Sports is a state of the art seamless badminton flooring surface manufacturer and supplier for sports activities, that is Olympic standard quality. Our floorings have a number of qualities and characteristics, such as being impermeable to water, rot free, resistant to certain chemicals, flame resistant. Our badminton courts are very easy to clean and removes stains with ease. Our badminton court design is also shock resistant and provides more safety than other flooring surfaces.