Laminated Badminton Wooden Flooring

Laminated Badminton Wooden Flooring


Apex Sport Surfaces India specialize in processing a stylish range of Laminated Badminton Wooden Flooring. Extensively demanded in houses, societies and other such places, the offered wooden flooring is designed using the best quality basic material and advanced technology.

ColorGreen and Brown
Type of Sports FlooringBadminton Court Flooring
Flooring MaterialWooden Flooring
BrandApex Sport Surfaces India

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Badminton flooring is made of good quality wood, directly cut down from the branches of a tree. This hard fibrous material will, in turn, go to the factories for perfectly getting the wood cut and shaped. Once this is brought into the wood industries, there is another stage called lamination. This has another name called ’floating wood tile’.

Soon as the wooden sticks come for manufacturing right from the trunk of a tree, it undergoes this process. This lamination will give the material or the wooden blocks a kind of protection or a shield. This protection will be in the form of a photographic applique layer right under the shield.

The inner core of this wooden block/piece for the ground of your specified field is usually composed of some fiber boards material or melamine resin. This process undergoes various testing room. This will make sure if your material is from perfectly healthy trees of such forest. The timber or anything of that sort which is cut down to make a wood flooring for the area is mostly dependent on the type of trees.

The laminated wooden flooring has its own significance in popularity for many reasons. And one is that it is comparatively easier for your arena to maintain and install than that of the traditional ways where the floor is made from hardwood. As we can’t across the tests which this laminated wooden flooring will undergo, they also have certain certifications for it. This will tell if the wooden blocks for the playing area such as badminton, has passed ten performance tests. This will again enhance the quality and look of the flooring for your badminton stadium and the track.

Why Laminated Badminton Wooden Flooring ?

Talking about the significance of the laminated wooden flooring, its also important to know why your wood for the flooring should be laminated. The wood flooring has a lot of advantages and to list a few,

  • It is cost effective and can bring about the best for your floor
  • This lamination process requires less skill to install and progress than other flooring materials
  • It is reasonably durable
  • This material is hygienic as it contains antimicrobial resin
  • This laminated flooring is completely water resistant
  • The wood flooring has an ability to retain the original color when exposed to sources like high light.

Coming back to the floor which is laminated for the badminton ground. It is basically made from pressed wood as we know it is more durable and resistant from scratch. The floor experts suggest the in charges to agree with the fact that wood laminate flooring is more durable than vinyl. With real-time precision, the flooring is fully UV coated. As soon as the hardwood is being fixed, the laminated layer is put over as a thin layer of sheets.

Comparative to the lamination, the synthetic one has to be carefully fixed or else moisture surface will create a wear and tear or even peel offs. Once the flooring is damaged, its very much hard to fix it. There are many different types of flooring for the badminton court,

  • Marble pattern
  • Wood
  • Granite

These might attach well with any type of surface of your court or arena.

The badminton wooden flooring depends upon the finish of the material which is used to laminate. Due to the high pressure, the wood is more likely to be harder than the natural one as it is just an imitation.

For designers and architectures, the lamination is a go-to chance for their interiors. This as well goes to the sports field. It is very useful for games like badminton as it helps the athlete free from skits and injuries. This is one main reason why wooden floors are safer than other real hardwoods. As for the price, it isn’t fixed for the laminated wood and that’s one great advantage for people to purchase it. As it is hygienic it helps the athletes who are allergic because it is very much easier to clean away the dust or such matters. If any damage, the laminated wood for your badminton court can be replaced.