Parquet Wooden Sports Flooring

Parquet Wooden Sports Flooring

We are offering Parquet Wooden Sports Flooring to our clients.

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Thickness15 mm
Length300 mm
BrandApex Sports Surfaces India

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Parquet flooring is the best choice for every field of sports, leisure sports and competitive Sports playing area like stadium, gymnasium, Arena, Olympic track, yoga centers et cetera. The sports parquet flooring is developed utilizing various branches of a tree and trunk of a tree. The most popular sports parquet floor is made of Canadian Maple beach Ash and oak trees, handpicked and chosen specifically from a various forest. And the individual wood can be recognized by the various shades of color the parquet sports wooden flooring comes in, which normally originates due to the various trees used.

The hard fibrous materials or hardwoods timber is taken from Beech, Ash, Canadian Maple, and Oak has been researched and proved to be exactly suitable for sports parquet wooden flooring. The type of wood material used in parquet sports wooden flooring is natural and that is why it reacts to temperature change and humidity in a room. The right Indoor temperature depends on the manufacturer and the quality of the wood, mostly it should be set to 40 to 60% humidity if the temperature is not properly balanced then the wood might contract or expand according to the climate change.

Parquet sports wooden flooring system is manufactured by stacking one material on top of other and each of the layers has its own purpose. Depending on the manufacturers how the layers are stacked and why one layer is stacked after another and what it is utilized for. Each individual manufacturer or licensed dealer has its own rules and regulations in the ground of maintenance of the parquet sports wooden flooring. There are various manufacturers and dealers those who provide lifetime services to their clients and some of them provide services for free for a considerable amount of time. Parquet sports wooden flooring could be the revolution in the market of sports flooring system as it has multiple purposes and can be utilized in any kind of sports-related places. Various clients all over the world are opting for this type of flooring system over other sports flooring systems.

Why Parquet Wooden Sports Flooring ?

There are various reasons to choose parquet sports wooden flooring for various sports-related centers. The Parquet sports flooring has a great ball rebound and extraordinary elasticity. This flooring system is extremely strong and reliable which supports the players playing on this floor.

The parquet sports wooden flooring system contains a double spring layer which is mostly made of fir boards and has elastic neoprene elements, it is generally shaped as a trapezoid. The top layer is made of pre-lacquered parquet strips and the thickness depends on the manufacturers or dealers. These two layers are the main layers but there are other layers within these layers, there is a thin layer of polyethylene which works as a steam barrier. There is a Rockwood insertion in various parquet Sports floorings which is in between the spring layers and it is inserted there to control the sound and thermal reactions. There are neoprene rubber pads nailed to the bottom spring layer which is placed to make the surface of the parquet floor Resilient, so that it can absorb the force or impact of the players playing on top of it.

The technicality of the manufacturing method makes the parquet wooden sports flooring highly resilient sports flooring system. As it has vapor barriers the players will not slide or slip easily. And the reason paddings included in the manufacturing the wooden subfloor provides an extra layer of protection to the players.

The main reason to use parquet sports wood flooring is that it consists of a various layer of protection that is why it is high in demand in the market. It also has various positive points, and the most important point is it minimizes the risk of any kind of injury that generally affects a player while playing on the paraquat sports wooden floor the players does not have to worry about various potential injuries that generally happens in other sports wooden flooring systems. This type of flooring helps protect the athlete's joints efficiently and even if a player is playing for a long term basis then also that person does not have to worry about joint injuries due to extensive playing. The parquet wood flooring also provides an Ultimate background to enhance the performance of athletes. The most important and significant detail regarding the parquet sports wood flooring system is that it provides an equal condition in each and every spot of the whole Court or floor.