Squash and Turning Court Wooden Flooring

Squash and Turning Court Wooden Flooring


With through knowledge of this domain, Apex Sport Surfaces India are instrumental in offering Squash and Turning Court Flooring to all our prestigious clients.

Type of Sports FlooringSquash Court Flooring
Flooring MaterialWooden Flooring
Is It Provide AMCProvide Amc
BrandApex Sport Surfaces India
We ProvidesWooden Flooring

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Just like every other game of sport, squash also requires very firm footwork. Talking about the footwork, it is also necessary that there are good floors so as to have footwork. Like when you are dancing on the tiles and on the mud makes a greater difference. Thus, it is very important for the athletes to have flooring in their practice courts which is safe and reliable. The wooden floorings are generally made of timber and thus are taken from the trees. Squash wooden flooring is basically divided into certain categories on the basis of the wood being chosen. Generally, these fields and floor is made of maple or beech boards.

Some wooden floorings are made of hardwood. This wood is directly taken from the branches of a tree of the forest. The trunk of a tree is cut straight and formed into a plank. Hardwood floorings are generally nailed or stapled. Another kind of flooring is the engineered floor which comprises of multiple layers of wood. The wood can be of a maple tree, an oak tree or ash tree. The ground track is constructed keeping in mind the visibility factor of the ball. The playing area provides a spring to the surface for the player to be comfortable. The effect of the floor in any sport depends upon the frictional characteristics of that game. The wooden floorings since have the factor of absorption, are a better option than the floor which are sealed.

When a player tries to jump on or give an effect on the floor, it will be able to retain its position and get the balance as the floor reduces friction. Thus, it gives the player a better version of the practice. The most recommendable wood for the floorings is the Maple wood as it is considered to be the hardest. The floors contain a certain percentage of moisture so as to retain the players’ speed. These floorings are polished for the attraction of the audience in the stadium. Also, some of the surfaces are covered with rubber pads for better grip of the athletes.

Why Squash and turning court wooden flooring ?

The wooden floorings have a concept of elasticity that lowers the effect of muscles and joints for the athletes. Also, these wood floorings have high durability and are long living floors. As wooden floorings have multiple layers in them, these layers are made of such hard fibrous material that they have great flexibility. The lower layer provides support so that there are no damages caused to the upper layer.

These floorings are considered safe as they have the feature of soaking the sweat. This makes the floor anti-slippery and helps the players to be in form without any trouble. Also, in any of the conditions like humidity, temperature or moisture, these wood floors have taken care of them all. These floors clearly provide stability for all such conditions. They do not require much sanding as it can lead to slipping floors.

The floors are so reliable that they are not even needed to change even for a decade! Also, these floors provide a uniform surface area and thus have no gaps. The wooden floor provides an interlocking between the layers of the floor so that there are no shocks. This makes the floor get expanded around the surface of the ground and brings the flow of air to happen below the floor. They have a keen resistance to the effects that can occur due to change in humidity.

Because of these protecting layers in the wood flooring, they are highly recommended for the stadiums as well as the playing areas in your rooms. They are likely to provide you with the most comfortable arena to play into. They make it easier for the players to go around and work in different fashions without getting hurt. The size of the court is specified to be 9,75m in length, 6,4m in width, and 5,64m in width. It is required that the whole ground is concentrated with the wood in the same pattern. The feature of the floor being waterproof makes the planks not swell and nor they loose integrity. They have highly realistic views which resemble to real wood which is natural and gives an impact of heritage.