Squash Court Air Crush Wooden Flooring

Squash Court Air Crush Wooden Flooring


Air crush wooden flooring is specifically designed floors to be utilized in the field of sports as it is injury free and safe. The air crush design of wooden flooring for squash sport has to pass through the standardization of international Federations or bodies, as these air crush wooden floorings are installed in different international Sports tracks, stadiums, Arena or playing areas. These Federal bodies have a list of requirements like the wooden flooring has to provide energy consumption, shock absorption, restitution, stability, and ball bouncing. Air crush wooden flooring of a squash Court has to bring positive results in this requirements then only that construction will be considered, and installed in the court ground.

Air crash squash Court wooden flooring is manufactured by using high-grade premium quality wood materials and constructed using cutting edge Technology. This type of floor not only has to pass through the standardization test but also has to pass through the safety and quality test before installation. Air crash squash Court wood flooring systems work against various parameters to ensure their strong construction and accurate dimensions as per the squash sports specifications. This year crush squash Court wood flooring system is manufactured to meet all the demands and requirements and passed through the standardization.

There is various license dealer in the market those who provide imported exceptional quality wooden flooring air crash system. These floor boards or floor tiles are generally manufactured with imported Wood and Timber from trees like white Oak teak and Maple, and the floor is made of specifically picked wood for this purpose only, from the different forest around the world. They are normally purchased by various squash playing centers where is generally professional players practice. This is probably the main reason the safety of these players the floors have to be extremely safe and then only it can be utilized in these kinds of playing areas.

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Why Air Crush Squash Court wooden flooring ?

The air crush squash Court wooden flooring is modeled to be safe and comfortable. These kinds of floor have consistency and excellent resiliency, ball Bounce, and fiction. It is manufactured and designed to nullify injury when the human body comes in forceful contact with the air crush wood flooring. This type of flooring provides an optimal balance between slide and friction which is extremely essential for comfort and to improve performances of the players. And the most important characteristics air crash wooden flooring has to have is stability, shock absorption, and energy consumption, without these the floorings will not be considered safe enough to be installed.

The air crash wooden flooring is constructed considering all age groups including even senior citizens so that everyone can find safety and comfort in this floorings system. To ensure the safety the players the wooden flooring has a rubber padding which in case of any accidental situation protects the body from any kind of tear or wear ankle or knee injury, even spinal or hip injury. As this protection is insured the players feel safe on the ground and can play without any problem or tension about their future career.

The flooring is produced by kiln seasoned and pressure wooden material. The material after manufacturing is tested to be termite resistant by treating the wooden flooring material with chemicals in an enclosed vessel. An exceptional amount of care is provided to the air crush wood flooring to minimize the risk of expansion and contraction which is a General quality of wood. The floor tiles are designed with grooves and tongues to conceal the joints. The air crush squash Court wood flooring is extremely well manufactured that is why it is resistant to wear and tear, which generally happens due to the vigorous and extensive use of the air crush court by squash players. Wood flooring provides great quality service that is why it is necessary to take care of it and one most important thing to keep in mind is considering the temperature and humidity of the room where the court ground is installed.

The trunk of a tree and the branches of a tree as they are a hard fibrous material are used in the manufacturing of this air crush wooden flooring. The floor tiles have to be of a lighter and uniform color which actually is done to ensure equal and clear visibility of the Squash ball while playing. The air crush wooden flooring system has a smooth and elegant exterior which not only has an exceptional appearance but also is effective while cleaning the dirt and stains from the floor which can be removed pretty easily.