Squash Court Wood Flooring

 Squash Court Wood Flooring

Apex Sports has great pride in the production of Squash Court Floorings, especially considering, we were the first to be WSF approved in India, for our state of the art International standard of Squash court. We have turnkey solutions, for all squash court construction, that incorporates all qualities and norms required for a full capacity performance. We provide optimum Squash flooring surfaces, that run numerous test to qualify as shock resistant, to prevent injuries and strains on the joint and muscles. Resiliency, durability and even superior ball bounce, are what we target for all our floorings for squash courts. We offer a minimised friction and provide great acceleration for players while playing. We offer an entire service of solutions, right from the design and formulation that is based on superior raw materials to the aesthetic color appeal for a perfect finish. Apex Sports Surfaces is well-known WSF Norms Squash Court System as we manufacture Squash Court Wooden Flooring, Squash Court hard Plaster System, Squash Court Back Wall Glass etc.

What We Cover under Squash:

  • All Visible Markings
  • Floor Smoothness
  • Court Consulting and trending Design
  • We make sure that all our floorings for Squash Courts are the highest benchmark and provide our customers with material quality tested and approved solutions. From our Maple prefabricated floors to our fine Wood flooring for the athlete to excel.
  • Apex Sports Squash Court Floorings are famous for its smoothness and hard tensile strength, making it long lasting and eye appealing in quality and visuality. Our courts are designed, to withstand constant impact from the ball and give better rebound for the racket without deterioration.

Features :

Our Squash courts are designed for maximum impact, with a prefabricated material, that is superior in quality and yet available to our clients at affordable market valued rates. All our Courts are built for indoor experience, with an outdoor thriving performance. We also take precautions in our dimensions and make sure that our squash courts are subjected to building codes. We are a one point contact for the manufacturing, delivery, and installation of our products, which ensure the highest and most accurate control over quality which we inspect on a stringent base. Our Courts ensure that the ball's impact, along with the constant strain from the players, does not cause any sort of wear or damage providing the perfect squash court flooring design.

Advantages :

  • Low Maintenance
  • High Endurance on Impact
  • Superior Ball Rebound
  • Shock resistant, to prevent knee or ankle strain or injury
  • Well layered materials to give a stronger durability
  • Multi Colour options
  • Resistant to many weathering agents

Apex Sports is an illustrated establishment that is primarily engaged in a variety of Squash Court Floorings and is considered, the first sports company to be WSF certified, prior to other competitors. This is why you need to use our surfaces for your court, to give you the best-optimized results.

Product Details:

Minimum Area In Square Feet1000 Sq Ft
ServiceInstallation , Re-installation
Service ProvideResidential , Corporate , Commercial Buildings , Educational Institute , Health Care Center
Flooring MaterialWooden Flooring
BrandApex Sport Surfaces India
We ProvidesWooden Flooring
Other Available ServicesSquash Court Maple Wood Flooring
Floor Thickness85 mm
Court TypeIndoor

More info:

Squash has gained much popularity in India. People are inclining towards playing it both as a sport for amusement and physical wellbeing. This assures physical fitness. It is mainly played indoors with the competitors where they take each other down. It is played on a quadrilateral floor which is mostly seen to be synthetic. But what surprises more is the greater number of players who keep their faith in wooden courts rather than synthetic flooring. This type of floor entertains a good set up delivering to play using supreme shots and bounce. This is a kind of flooring that absorbs all the extra force that is unknowingly exerted by the weight of the body of the player. It returns no such reaction force.

Some structural details

The squash court having wooden surface is laid down in a square. It is not as big as a badminton court. It is played within a big room but inside a four-walled huge box. It might have a glass wall or might not at the back of it. Strips of wood are ordered in a parallel fashion, and somewhere in the shape of tiles so that it forms a better ground to play. The floor has a dimension of 9.75m in length and 6.4m in width. Moreover, the area of the walls (glass or plaster) is made with all the safety measures so that it sucks up most of the energy threw upon it when a player hits the ball on them.

Finding its correspondence to nature

The squash track surfaces are obtained from the natural source, i.e. trees. The timber is taken from trees in forest. The trunk of a tree rather than the branches of a tree is preferred due to the strength it holds.

Why Squash Court Wood Flooring ?

In a squash game, wooden flooring is considered the best as it is a hard fibrous material. This reduces the number of injuries and hurts that are caused in other kinds of flooring. The floor is made into a wooden one so that there remains no risk factor for the players. These surfaces look like natural boards made of wood rendering a sense of playing in the lap of mother nature. The wood is derived from those greens that are found to give a smoother and stronger covering the sportsman to play on. These comprise the balsam first, teak, spruce, birch, maple, oak, salwood, pine and many more of these type. Each provides service depending in the quality it possesses which is yielded by the features each of these possess. There is a wood like solution suiting wishes of every player. The wooden flooring is laminated on the borders giving the best finishing touch. Moreover, the wood flooring is covered with a transparent seal that enhances faster moving facility. Also, the wooden coverings are made into a certain amount of thickness enabling customers to fulfil their need. The playing area offering a wood flooring is definitely a better alternative than any other flooring due to these factors.

Redeems from natural adversaries

Being played indoors by its players, the game of squash relieves its participants from various harms that are effected by the surrounding natural conditions. Unwanted situations such as rain, tanning from scorching sun, inability to look straight into the hitting zone and numerous other climatic and weather conditions result in a hazardous game. It shows its repercussions through the deteriorating health of a player. Playing in such an open field fuel these difficult situations. Whereas an indoor stadium is free from each of these discomforts. Therefore, competing inside levels down the danger to a lot extent.

Tailor-made for squash

Thus the surface of the playing arena should be made from the aforesaid material. A wooden flooring would push the players to win the battles with greater enthusiasm as these would always have the players' back. It is way better than those material such as cemented and synthetic which does not truly fit the court requirements generating serious issues for the squash players. These surfaces totally hamper effortless practicing by them. As these are rough and retain a lot of friction players are restricted to minimal amount of flexibility. Moreover, these extremely hard playing zones effectuate cumbersome shots as these present to the sports people no additional support in increasing the speed of the ball when it touches the surface.

Last but not the least, this type of base is perfect for the physically challenged players. Their wheelchairs gain the ability to roll without giving their riders any further pain.

Here are some more characteristics that cause its craze:

  • Antiglare is promoted.
  • Accumulates no grime and dirt.
  • Grants maximum warranty.
  • Never burns a hole in the pocket.
  • Effectively easy in cleaning.
  • Offers maximum longevity.
  • Provides resistance to damage from cracks, chemicals and water.