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Synthetic Acrylic Track

Synthetic Acrylic Track base systems are an uncommon advance track surfacing, specifically designed to give all runner athletes, the opportunity to perform with their highest aptitudes. The system track is perfect for any competitions, giving an immeasurable cushioning effect to the runners while training or running relays, sprints, etc. Our track system is completely free from VOC emissions (Volatile Organic Compound). We manufacture and supply for a variety of clientele, who place their absolute trust in our reliable and sturdy tracks. Whether its a school, athletic training institutes, private sports clubs or international arenas, Apex Sports is there to produce the highest quality of synthetic acrylic surfacing tracks systems. We monitor and perform a live field test of all our surfaces for all safety criteria. We are certified by the IAAF international standards and meet all their parameters in execution and athlete safety norms. Available in a family of colour specifications and a promise of accurate installation, we render the perfect balance and harmony of a track system.

Product Details

We can meet the standard and customised specifications because we have experience as our backing mixed with a big part of our well-dedicated staff, who are in constant engagement with new USA base surface technology to improve our systems. From designs to dimensions to hassle-free display and dependability. Rely on us for all your requirements and reasonable budget planned prices.


Our Synthetic Running Tracks are devised from exceptionally high-quality raw materials that furnish a brilliant finishing. Our tracks are also well protected against any oxidization, moisture penetration, and traveling. Our product is also built for spike resistance, vertical deformation, and reduction of force. Apex Sports also enforce and experiments with surface textures to give an optimised enforcement and operation in shock absorption, speed and non-slip characteristics which is very crucial for running. Our expertise sets us apart from other track manufacturers since we apply new high breed polyurethane with rubber paddings to help soften the landing of the foot while running. We are known by our clients for being a benchmark in uniform, productive and ideal conditions to give a stronger grip and balance while sprinting. Our tracks can stand the test of time, with ideal material coatings to help last longer and stand heavy trafficking, we also make our track systems with UV and weather resistant materials.

Technical Specifications:

  • Our specifications are track systems based on uniform graded SBR/EPDM rubber granules that are bound with superior fortified latex binders
  • Accurately layered on asphalt subsurface
  • Non-porous systems that are formulated for sprinting and other Olympic sports activities
  • Complete pigmentation and acrylic coating systems to protect extreme UV light exposure
  • Multiple layers of binders and rubbers are applied as per thickness specifications


  • Durability
  • Excellent finishing
  • Quick water drainage(best for rainy days)
  • No hassle on heavy maintenance
  • Superior A grade quality
  • Less effort and physical force while running
  • Elegant and Rugged designing
  • Enhanced gameplay
  • All weather operation ability


  • Hurdles
  • Steeplechase
  • Javelin Throw
  • jogging trails
  • high school track
  • Pole vault
  • Long Jump
  • Triple Jump
  • Walking path
  • High Jump