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Synthetic Hockey Turf

In today's world, one can easily see that virtually every Hockey match, whether International or club match, gets played on Synthetic Turfs. These artificial turfs have demonstrated to be very advantageous, over the course of time for the athlete as well as for the play arena landlords. We at Apex Sports have identified the quality and requirements of the hockey game and in compliance with IHF (International Hockey Federation) standards, we have based our surfaces to excel furnishing faster pitches, vivid ball roll and advanced players safety and talent on the game field. All our Synthetic Hockey Turfs come in the basic three individual system designs that are water-based, sand filled and sand dressed.

Product Details


The characteristics differ as per water or sand based, such as in the case of a sand base the polyethylene fitted yarns which are partially filled with sand to keep the artificial turf fibers standing up without the sand covering the turf top surface. We also fit rubber paddings to help shock absorption and speedy water drainage. With water-based surfaces, the turfs provide the best ball roll, as the water acts as a lubricant on the playfield, giving better ball distance in the game, thereby enhancing game strategy and saving money with minimum maintenance.

All our clients demand fast playing, uniformed surfaces and fantastic appearance, which Apex Sports has always managed to accomplish. All our Synthetic hockey turfs are made from an exemplary batch of raw materials that are designed and tested to match all international safety parameters. We offer synthetic based turfs for hockey, that give definition and enhance skill development on the field. Our expertise provides an accurate installation and on-site trial before we hand over our surfaces to be played on. Competitive hockey has been played on our surfaces for years and we have always been appreciated for our quality and custom technical specifications, that have left our buyers with cost-saving sports grounds. We have the best water-based systems, with premium affordable sand-based systems with harmonized installations that best fit your budget.

Technical Specifications:

  • Turf comes manufactured with LSR (lower sliding resistance) fibers
  • Strong durability and fast speed playing with monofilament fiber
  • Rubber padding for shock absorption
  • Surface stabilization with multi-layer backing that is seamlessly fitted into the surface
  • Premium IHF approved technical specifications for superb foot grip and dense turf
  • High-quality synthetic yarn with UV protection great for outdoor hockey


  • Anti-abrasive and very simple to clean
  • Phenomenal quality appearance with designs that are eye-catching
  • Resistance to wear and tear, heavy foot trafficking and damage
  • Climate and shock resistant
  • Easy water drainage
  • Remarkable ball roll and speed
  • Splendid foot traction


  • Stadiums
  • Universities and Schools
  • Private Sports Clubs
  • Olympic and Government sports centers