Table Tennis Parquet Wooden Flooring

Table Tennis Parquet Wooden Flooring


Apex Sport Surfaces India provide Table Tennis Parquet Flooring is suitable to be installed at various stadiums to be used for playing tennis. In compliance with the sports federation of India, this is provided with tough plastering.

Thickness6 mm
Packaging Size30 m / roll
FinishGlossy, Matte

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Table tennis flooring is an important aspect of the sport as it ensures stability, shock absorption and has to withstand heavy load and should be durable too. Wooden sports flooring is the safest, long lasting option for a sports facility. The most important aspect of the equipment in the sports facility is the sports surface. Flooring is a major decision as the flooring material should avoid slipping or twisting on the floor area and also occurrences of injuries. One has to keep track of many other options while the flooring decision has to be taken.

Parquet wooden court is the most popular court surface in table tennis. The maple Parquet woodenen is dense wood that provides a smooth surface which is quite durable and requires less maintenance. This is specific to the indoor surface as it can be spoiled when exposed to sun and rain. Professional indoor courts always use the Parquet woodenen.

The wooden surfaces are made of maple. This is the type of timber that is gotten from branches of a tree from the forest. Maple trees produce the wood used in construction the wooden floor that is obtained from the trunk of a tree, which is the hard fibrous material. The wood from these trees is used to build the sports area. There are various reasons for the flooring of basketball sport to be of wood material.

There is a range of options for floor surfaces while selecting for sports facilities. The design, cost, and construction along with maintenance are key issues considered while selecting the appropriate surface as sports flooring. Sports flooring should be comfortable to use and also provide safety while playing the sport. Maintenance of performance standards is also of the utmost importance for sports flooring. Parquet flooring is the angular and geometrical formations of wood pieces to form a designed pattern.

Why Table Tennis Parquet Wooden Flooring?

Flooring is not just another aspect considered when playing a sport in the ground or a stadium and while constructing a sports area, but one of the important aspect considered for a playing area. The floor of the of the play area is critical as the flooring ensures safety as well as the performance of the players.

Different playing arena, field, and playing room have a different effect on the injuries and the severity of problems of the players. The flooring of the basketball play area is important as in that game players are constantly running, jumping and cutting on the floor. There is various material used for flooring purposes. Wood floor poses less stress on the legs of the players.

Wooden flooring helps the safety of ligaments and joints for the young player's feet, ankle, and legs. Shock absorption is often provided by wood flooring. Maple wood from which the floor is made is perfect wooden material that has good shock absorption. The wooden boards of the wood flooring are very low in maintenance cost wise. When it comes to wooden flooring maple Parquet wooden is a traditional choice. This is a preferred flooring type for competitive sports like football. This wooden flooring should be made keeping in mind the requirements and facilities needed by the players.

There are various advantages of using the wooden surfaces for basketball courts which are listed below. These advantages make people go for wooden flooring.

Lesser injuries: Shock absorption is crucial when it comes to playing sports. The impact that occurs when an athlete hits the surface is shock absorption. Concrete floor doesn't provide shock absorption, unlike the wooden flooring. This prevents an athlete from having to make injuries of legs, ankles, ligaments and all.

Ease of game: The bounce if a ball in the game is very important. The wooden flooring provides a good bounce of ball improving the quality of the game. This flooring costs 20% more than the PVC flooring but considered the ease of game its worth it.

Maintainance: Any type of floor has to be kept clean. The amount of effort and time is less for the maintenance of these floors due to the smoothness and natural quality of the floor. Just regular mopping and that clearance are enough for maintenance and nothing heavy equipment or process is required. This flooring requires only a 45% effort compared to the other flooring maintenance.

Life span: The Parquet wooden flooring has the longevity of around 38-50 years compares to PVC flooring. This is almost double compared to that of the other flooring options.