Teak Wood Flooring

Teak Wood Flooring


Looking for the best wooden flooring to be chosen creates chaos. There are varieties of wood that have different features. Well, let’s make your choice a little easier. From all the variety of wood, the noblest one is teak wood. These floorings provide your home with some elegance and give a heritage look to your place. If you are looking for the best wood floor is made that can last long and can still look the best after years adding a look to your property, then solid wood flooring of teak is the right choice for you. Thus, to make a selection of wood, it is really important that the owner of the house who wishes to install should look for all the salient features.

The teak wood is generally food in mostly all of the regions in tropic. With age, this solid wood gives a very rich complexion to your floors and shows various shades with beautiful different strips. There are very hard fibrous materials present in such kind of trees with some natural oils in them. The teak wood boards are least likely or liable to suffer from contraction and expansion. The teak flooring is considered to be the most durable kind of flooring for lasting up to hundreds of years with proper care and maintenance.

Also, it is to keep in mind that the installation of such flooring is to be done with professionals and with care. It is important to note that the teak wood and can cause skin irritations to lots of people. Thus it is highly recommended to do installation professionally. These floors are waterproof, buckle, and have different performance levels. These floorings are build specially for the purpose of dirt, messes and spills. They are also said to be dent resistant. You no more have to be thinking before droping anything on your floor anymore!

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Why teak wood flooring ?

When we say it’s important to know the features, it is also important to find the exact features that are required and make you satisfied. Teak wood flooring provides a great look to not just your homes but is a good option for your playing area in ground and stadium as well. The teak wood has a different range of colours from dark yellow to a lot of radiant colors with exposure. While working with these branches of a tree in the forest, it is also seen that they have a very pleasant smell. The trunk of a tree is then converted into wooden logs which are then converted into planks. These logs are said to be made from timber.

These type of wood though are softer than the others, they are also said to be stable dimensionally and as well are strong. The floor also has an essence of the natural oil material of the trees and thus is said to be resistant to temperature, humidity and even water. These floors are not prone to any kind of termite attacks. They have a safety guard from fungi, bacteria or any other such things that are likely found as problems with wood. The floor also includes highly realistic features of visuality and textures.

These floors are made of some silicon content in the wood that prevents the wood from getting oxidized while coming in contact with some metal even for a longer period of time. Though these floorings are said to lose their finishing with time, these wood floors are the ones that still keep retaining their natural features even after getting old.

From a long period of time, teak wood flooring is considered the best not just for the furniture of your room but also in shipbuilding and home building. Its water resistant feature makes it great advantages to letting it work in the sea and areas where it is likely to find humidity like your kitchens and bathrooms. The Brazilian teak wood has the most beautiful color shades of red-brown and yellow-brown and thus gives beauty to the floor. The woods have a higher strength and high numbers on the scale of hard wood. The wood has fine, dense and tight grain which makes it resistible towards situations of getting rotten. Their absorption quality makes the floor damage free and reduces stain to occur.