Teak Wood Sports Flooring

Teak Wood Sports Flooring

We are offering Teak Wood Sports Flooring to our clients.


To carry out the crucial task of manufacturing Sports Products, we have set up a fully equipped infrastructure spread over 25000 sq. ft. of an area divided into 2 factories. It is specially designed to ensure products are manufactured inaccurate conditions with Four Side Modular machinery. Current production capacity is 1000 sq. ft. per day. In addition, we have a state-of-the-art testing facility endowed with latest instruments and measuring equipment. To increase productivity and efficiency we have segregated our infrastructure in various departments such as production unit, quality control and much more.

Product Details:

FinishGlossy, Matte
BrandApex Sport Surfaces India
MaterialTeak Wood
Thickness2 mm to 7 mm

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When it comes to preparing wood flooring for games, sadly many are unable to understand the importance of what wood would be a better choice. There are many different types of wood that can be used to make premium flooring. And one of the most popular choices for flooring is teak. After all, when it comes to wooden flooring, only few types of material can get through and one of the most popular types is teak. The type and quality of the timber matters as well. The trunk of a tree used from the forest has to be checked. Here in this article we shall discuss the need and uses of Teak wood sports flooring.

The racing and sports track used in many gyms and sports arena has to be made of a very solid material. This is where teak comes in. It helps to make the best playing area you can ask for. Usually made of well-seasoned and treated wood completed with the best finish you can ask for, teak makes for good quality wooden flooring. The edges of the sheets will have a finger lock groove and the base side with air pass groove and treated with exceptional enemy of termite and water safe finish. Teak wood trees are the hardest of hard woods and are the prescribed wood for Badminton court.

There are numerous mentors and groups that needs to play on a similar kind of surface at home and outside as well. Athletes of a youthful age need to be acclimated with wooden flooring for hardwood as they advance toward expert challenge. High support costs and less adaptability is the drawback to hardwood wooden floor materials. Vinyl is a wood design that has turned into a famous option due that reason. However, teak is still a good choice as far as a sports stadium is concerned.

Teak can be used to make floor or floor materials from the trees for many varied purposes like games, sports field, gatherings, congregations, and occasions. Henceforth, because of this, it is most regular in school ground type options, network companies, and places of worship. The teak wood floor materials are uniquely made by skilled experts that utilization the best quality teak wood too contemporary strategies as pursued the business laid standards. The quality controllers complete a various examination on the teak wood and the investigation methodology of teak wood from the branches of a tree on the offered range utilizing propelled testing systems. In addition there are many good companies which furnish the customers with amazing teak wood boards that are appealing and give an ideal completion. The floor is made with utmost care.

Why Teak wood sports flooring

With an astounding scope of teak wood floors, our group and prepared originators has accompanied a stunning scope of the teak wood sports floor materials. Exceptionally produced by the prepared experts these teak wood floor materials are the best quality wood for contemporary strategies as pursued the business laid norms. It requires real skill for the hard fibrous material of the teak to be made into the polished wood flooring you see today.

Every real competition played on the teak wood floor gives the best feeling. There are numerous boundless alternatives are accessible for structuring a room, and teak gives a strong hardwood wooden floor that has a characteristic marvel that giving various plan choices.

The clients will discover something of everything that suits their taste. Many companies also make floors sheets are provided prefinished from the production line with either urethane or oil.

We ensure the utilization of the floor is to the fullest extent, Summit offers Indoor games and Outdoor Sports Surfaces. There is a wide scope of wooden surfaces utilized in different regions, for example, Clubs, Schools, Hotels, Gymkhanas, Stadiums, Universities, Hotels, Armed Forces and some more. Summit gives items to Basketball Court, Volleyball Court, Badminton Court, Squash Court and Tennis Court. We likewise offer floor materials for Construction Services of games courts and Surfaces. Many likewise offer amazing hallways for indoor games recreations, aside from these surfaces. There are many companies which have made progress in taking into account the necessities of regarded customers by offering quality Wooden Floorings, inferable from our incredible experience. There are many manufacturers of wooden floor materials that are being produced by the specialists following the standards and models of FIBA, WSF, MFMA and DIN particulars and these specialists make the most utilization of strong wood, single stripe in the assembling of these floorings. The floor materials made by the companies are prepared and notched to flawlessness and covered with polyurethanes for dampness inclination. Floor materials are produced such that they are anything but difficult to keep up and reasonable for diversions like squash, badminton, gymnastic, high impact exercise and b-ball or indoor volley ball.