Teak Wooden Flooring

Teak Wooden Flooring

Apex Sport Surfaces India are one of the leading manufacturers of Wooden Flooring in India. Our complete gamut of engineered wood flooring is the result of extensive research and development to cope with the problems of wood expansion and shrinkage. Each layer is bonded to a special type of waterproof glue. We make use of superior quality of material bases to ensure international quality standards. The entire gamut of engineered wood flooring is available to us an additional cross-grained, which to ensure high dimensional stability.

Product Details:

UsageIndoor, Outdoor, Household
Wood Flooring TypeTeak Flooring
Thickness5.5 mm
FinishingGlossy, Polished
BrandApex Sport Surfaces India

More info:

Flooring material for home, various floor, room, playing area, ground, field, sports arena, indoor and outdoor stadium, and many more places can be wood, vinyl, tile. Various material is used for flooring to give a walkable surface. Based on the area to be covered including the factors such as cost, maintenance, comfort and cleaning the floor is made.

Wood flooring comprises of wood product manufactured from timber is used in wood flooring. A most common type of flooring choice is wooden flooring where the wood of trees comes in various colors, types, cuts. Wooden flooring has again many different varieties associated with it which are Engineered hardwood, bamboo flooring, and cork flooring.

There is a range of options for floor surfaces while selecting for residential, sports facilities. The design, cost, and construction along with maintenance are key issues considered while selecting the appropriate surface for flooring. Any flooring should be comfortable to use and also provide safety while using. Wooden flooring provides a smooth surface which is quite durable and requires less maintenance.

The wooden flooring can be made of teak. This is the type of timber that is gotten from branches of a tree from the forest. Teak hardwood trees produce the wood used in construction the wooden floor that is obtained from the trunk of a tree, which is the hard fibrous material. The wood from these trees is used to build the sports area track. Teak flooring is a famous choice for flooring.

Why Teak Wooden Flooring ?

Wooden flooring is widely used for flooring purposes due to its various advantages. Wooden floor enhance the look of the area and gives warmth making your place more rich in value and comfort. There are wide varieties in the wooden flooring coming in different shades and cuts.

Teak wooden flooring is the most popular choice of flooring when it comes to beautiful home design. Teak is obtained from the trunk of a tree grown in Southeast Asia, India, Srilanka, Malaysia, Thailand. Naturally occurring 50% teak is obtained from Myanmar. Burmese teak, the famous type of teak has fragrant leaves and white flowers on branches of a tree. Freshly mulled teak smells like leather. This has always priced high due to its durability and water resistance feature. Teak is widely used in boat construction, doors, furniture, carving, and many other wood projects.

There are multiple advantages to choosing teak wood over other flooring options.

Beautiful makeover: Teak wooden with its natural colors and patterns makes it most opted type of flooring for any home renovation or furniture or door frames. The look of the teak adds beauty to the whole space. Teak wood doors, window frames and furniture add grandeur to any space making it look more beautiful. Old palaces use teak columns and beams in the construction. Teak gives a beautiful and shiny appearance for years. Natural rich brown color makes the place more attractive.

Wear and tear: Teak wood has a natural property of being water resistant and also highly durable. Teak is high in oil content, good tensile strength, and the tight grain makes for the water resistance quality. Hence the usage in flooring and also making boats. The teak floor doesn't dry out or crack easily even if regularly not treated. The teak wood texture is hard and porous, making it a pressure resistant wood flooring. It can bear heavy weights being pulled on it.

Durability: The oil content in teak gives natural resistance to water. The tight grain quality if teak makes hard for water or moisture to be absorbed. This water resistance nature makes the wooden flooring free from pests, mold, fungal stains, and other wood related problems.

Ease of maintenance: The water resistance of teak makes teak flooring very easy to maintain. Just a regular moping is enough for daily cleaning and after a couple of years, just a teak oil polishing makes it look as good as new. Unlike other flooring options which require heavy machinery and many liquids for cleaning, teak needs less effort and time for cleaning and maintenance.

Sports flooring: Durability and natural bounce is a very important aspect when going to flooring sports places. Shock absorption reduces the injuries for the athletes playing. Ball bounce on the teak boards is high making it a regular choice for sports flooring. Teak provides a uniform flooring that decreases the pressure on athletes muscles and reduces the energy consumption of players.