Wooden Squash Court Flooring

Wooden Squash Court Flooring


Apex Sport Surfaces India are the prominent manufacturer of a various sports court and we are into Wooden Squash Court Flooring since the long period of time.

Type of Sports FlooringSquash Court Flooring
Flooring MaterialWooden Flooring
We ProvidesWooden Flooring
Other Available ServicesGymnasium Flooring
Floor ThicknessStandard

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With the great changes of the era in sports, the world had turned towards a substance like ‘wood’ to be considered in all the games and places like stadiums, tracks, playfields, grounds, arenas etc. One of the another major sport that has accepted the court to be made of wood for Squash. Except the glass in the court, the playing floor is made of wood. The refined wood surface provides evenness for ball to bounce back and provide a smooth spring to it.

The wood flooring is made of the timber from the very branches of a tree, collected from the green forests which allow it to be purely tough and the best material for the purpose of sports. The wood is collected from the trunk of a tree because of its sturdiness. The trees are selected on the basis of their wood’s quality and its robustness. Wooden corridor flooring has been used in sports for a long time now and the ‘ask’ for it have increased to a great proportion as the comforts of it are worth recognizing and also, it’s being used in the field of sports since it provides the athlete with proper uniformity, shock absorption, and its easy customization depending on the area.

Wooden floors can be installed anywhere with utter ease which makes it even easier for the authorities to deal with the design of the floor if any changes are required to be made for the game/ event. There are many kinds of wooden floorings available, such as Laminate wood flooring, Engineered wood flooring, Solid wood flooring, Unfinished wood flooring etc. The badminton courts, basketball courts and many other places for certain sports have opted for wooden flooring and wooden boards now as it turns out to be the best option available in the arena of sports.

Why wooden squash flooring ?

Whilst playing squash, a lot of force is exerted on the floor as the ball keeps hitting the floor and the agility of the player makes the moves very fast, which makes the playing area to either get distorted or just get rubbed off; which may become a concern for the health of the player who is playing. But wooden flooring is a hard fibrous material which makes the playing area to be of easy maintenance. Wooden flooring requires comparatively little maintenance once set up perfectly. It is required that all wooden floors be cleaned throughout for relinquishing the comfort and beauty of it flawlessly. Amid the obligatory care wood floors lasts with the courts, stadiums and tracks for a lifetime.

The only precaution that needs to be taken is that the court floor should be normally cleared utilizing a mop, which has an impregnated cotton head that draws in residue. counting elastic particles from balls. This kind of hardware is standard in games corridors. A sweeper isn't suggested, as it pushes a significant part of the residue being cleared back out of sight and it settles on the floor once more. Try not to utilize water or even a clammy mop to clean the floor, as this will result in the floor getting to be cleaned decently fast and this procedure will be quickened if cleanser has been added to the water.

The customization of wooden flooring makes it easier to be opted for places like stadiums, tracks, fields, rooms, grounds and several other arenas. Since wood flooring offers a great deal of customization, it allows to change the outline of the floor at whatever time the floor is suitable for a new getup all over. Places like stadiums and courts for playing squash, tend to get their floors withered away easily but when the floor is made from wood, it increases its permanence and provides more options to customize in several ways. This looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye and endows a perfect comfort for the players/ athletes.

Most of squash court floors in the UK and somewhere else are either maple or beech sheets, as they are light in shading to give a reasonable vision of the ball and furthermore give a 'spring' for player comfort and diminished leg strain. While maple and beech are favored, different materials have been utilized, for example, MDF board, different hardwoods and plastic materials.