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Flooring that sets the standard for sports excellence




Whether it’s solid wood, rubber, or synthetic flooring we have it all. Ranging from permanent and portable fittings and quality oriented surfaces that provide clients with superior playability, shock absorption, durability, and resiliency.

At Apex Sports, we handle everything from the installation of the flooring, to even the consultation with the engineers or architect to help our clients with tailor-made designs. We also discuss important deals and share our insights with our clients to help ensure the most credible surface with the right budget. Our sales office assigned to cater to any client’s requirements, in addition to our experience to date, has given us all the capacity and capability to perform superior manufacturing and exceed all customer’s expectations.


Design Service


Apex Sports works closely with Clients and provides comprehensive landscape or portrait design services related to sports flooring manufacturing. From showing on software to bringing badminton courts or athletics tracks to life, we do it all. Our Design services include tennis, baseball, football, hockey, and various sports turf and court designing, Site planning, playground designing, recreational surfacing and, transforming your backyard or any sports ground with innovative ideas.
We start with gathering small details from you about your space and understanding your desired goals and vision. Afterward, our architects review the sites practically and then develop an exclusive customized design that brings your ideas to the real-life playground. We also emphasize adding fun activities and healthy living sports, Along with the traditional approach of designing playgrounds focused on pleasing outdoor space.
Our experts and trained team have extensive knowledge about synthetic turf. Thus along with suggestions about applicable turf, we also blend the core elements of landscape design with innovative, eco-friendly surfacing and develop spaces that make you play. We design to improve sports services and to uprise level of playgrounds. We believe that sports bring communities together and it also helps people to improve their health, sharpen their skills.


Maintenance Service


Apex sports not only design and develop, but instead, we also take care of its maintenance. Our team pursues extensive knowledge and experience in designing recreational surfaces which enhance our sports and playgrounds services. Our team has decades of experience in developing solutions & installing amenities like outdoor kitchens, firepits, Screens, etc.
Additionally, for indoor courts, we specialize in bringing innovation with perfection. We Maintain decorum, and our trained staff continuously take care of playground and multi-purpose courts. Till now, we have designed and installed 5000+ playgrounds.
We also maintain and take good care of playgrounds, so that, anytime you can play, exercise, and enjoy yourself with your family and friends.
Apex sports also maintain basic precautions and care that keep your surface to maintain its appearance and deliver optimum performance for decades. We take pride in being the first Sports Wooden Flooring Manufacturer Company in India to have lab-certified Grade 1- A Wooden Flooring. In addition, we provide an 8-years warranty on all our products. To save your future troubles and ensure durability, we do a lot to protect these playgrounds or equipment at very affordable prices. Our maintenance practices include general surface cleaning, quality control, and taking care of machinery, drainage systems, and grass clippings. Also, keeping the surface free of unwanted leaves and chemical hazards.


Consulting Service


We have over 35 years of experience in consulting clients regarding various development projects with providing required references. We offer quick turnaround services, Free estimates for any sports surface. Also, we are very conscious of the environment, thus providing you with eco-friendly options at no extra price. To mention, we also recycle construction materials whenever possible. We also consult our players regarding sports and their future sports options. We provide all consultation services, starting from which equipment is good to use to which sports suit them best. We aim to satisfy our customers with our turnkey solutions and maintain our global quality standards. Whether it’s solid wood, rubber, or synthetic floors, we have it all. We have our sprawling infrastructure unit that has been developed after research and taking safety measures in mind. At Apex Sports, we handle everything to help our clients, from floor installation to consultation with the engineers or architects with their tailor-made designs. We have expertise architect and engineering consultants who study your requirements and believe in providing quality with an abundance of flooring solutions at a budget-friendly plan.