Sports Vinyl


Sports vinyl is the most popular product used for sports today in India due to its versatility, ease of maintenance and vibrant colors. With Apex Sports Vinyl flooring you have the best product in the market. It is a European product, approved by several international federation and has been used in well over 100 projects in India with a strong warranty of up to 10 years.


Sports Vinyl


Variety of thickness product ranging from 4.5mm to 8mm

Apex Sports 4.5 MM sports vinyl floor is a perfect entry level vinyl flooring product from China /Europe with good quality and reasonable price points. The product is perfect for all recreational indoor sports uses such as badminton, Table Tennis gyms, dance Floor, Yoga.

Apex Sports 4.5MM TO 8 MM sports vinyl floor is one of the highest quality indoor sports flooring products in the market. It is from China/ Europe and internationally approved. With its long-life span, its ease of maintenance, and multiple sports for which it is internationally approved, the 7 MM sports vinyl floor is one of the best high-quality options in the market for indoor sports.


Technical Specifications

Apex Sports vinyl products are well tested and approved by us, under a number of International parameters. We make sure all our products for floorings are well certified by the BWF and wholes the highest compelling performance, compared to any other standards of sports flooring. We ensure all our tests prove better quality and adherence, in terms of resistant to complex problems like weather, abrasive, shock, water, chemicals, and ball bounce.


Technical Specifications

Application Application

The sports Vinyl flooring is used exclusively in multiplay sports activities. Badminton courts are designed using this characteristics and properties for better performance on players abilities. They can be temporarily fitted and layered for events and games and makes it very useful where multi games are played to increase the flexibility of the area. Sports Vinyl is widely used and has gained popularity in its advantages on playing in the field. Our Vinyl flooring is top notch, with versatility, an abundance of colour options and easy to maintain and clean. We offer very affordable rates, for a much superior quality finishing. All our Apex Sports products are International and National approved, making them the best purchase you have ever made.



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