Squash Court


Squash is one of the top five most popular sports in India again due to the ability to exercise in a small space making it an easy sport to offer to customers and to play. Squash offers a whole body work out, but is tougher on the joints and has to be carefully played to avoid damaging any part of the body especially knees. Squash consists of a proper wall system which allows for effective ball rebound and excellent flooring which allows for the back and forth and side to side movements of squash with occasional up or down movements as well.

Squash Court


1. Apex Sports: Squash Court Wooden Flooring

Apex Sports Wooden Flooring is a high-quality sports wooden flooring EN 14904 Standard. Apex Sports manufacture for Sports Wooden Flooring for maple Wood, Teak Wood Sports Flooring which is Lobo Sports Test approved and suitable for high quality indoor sports flooring especially Badminton facilities, and multi-purpose sports facilities. Apex Sports Canadian hard maple wood flooring is the highest quality flooring that is available in the indoor sports flooring market due to its toughness and technical characteristics. The product is internationally approved, has high end shock absorption, and a long-life span. Perfect for high end indoor facilities for multi-purpose sports, basketball, squash and badminton.

Apex Sports Wooden Flooring comes in two type grades Grades “AB” & “BC”, product has a total thickness of 85 MM thick with a 21 MM thick top wooden flooring, 45 MM thick Resilient SPF Pine Wood Runner & 19 MM EPDM rubber Pad. It’s an Area elastic floor with high shock absorption and India’s first wooden sports flooring having Laboratory Test Certificate Grade 1- A for Wooden Flooring. Product comes with 8 years warranty

Apex Sports also offers MFMA Approved American Maple which has “WSF, BWF, IHF & FIBA Certifications. System comprising of 20mm Top Solid Maple Wood followed by 45 mm Pine Wood Runner and 19mm Power and 12mm Plyboards. Product comes in different grades out of which 2nd & Better Grade and 3rd & Better Grade are most popular in India market.


2. Apex Sports: Squash Court hard Plaster System

Apex Sports Providing and Application of Squash Court Hard Plaster System ““REBOUND” UK “ World Squash Federation and England Squash accredited system.
The system consists of a 10 /12 mm base coat with silica sand Provide By Client & top coat of 4-5mm,Provide By Apex Sports which makes it a total thickness of 14-15 mm. Due to extremely hard nature of plaster a slight uneven color distribution may be seen once the plaster has dried, this doesn’t affect the strength or integrity of the plaster and must not be considered as a defect.


3. Apex Sports: Squash Court Back Wall Glass System

Free standing glass back wall made of 12 mm thick toughened glass with 4 panels, 1 door, 4 fines, fixtures and fittings and all the materials required for erecting the glass walls.
The height of the glass wall will be 2130 mm above the finished floor level.


Technical Technical Specifications

Our Squash courts are designed for maximum impact, with a prefabricated material, that is superior in quality and yet available to our clients at affordable market valued rates. All our Courts are built for indoor experience, with an outdoor thriving performance. We also take precautions in our dimensions and make sure that our squash courts are subjected to building codes. We are a one point contact for the manufacturing, delivery, and installation of our products, that ensure the highest and most accurate control over quality which we inspect on a stringent base. Our Courts ensure that the ball’s impact, along with the constant strain from the players, does not cause any sort of wear or damage providing the perfect squash court design.




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