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Making a right choice in the type of flooring for any sports is not an easy job, Apex Sports is a leading consultant and manufacturer for all types of flooring for sports activities. All our products are well certified, with Olympic level standards that set us on an international benchmark. We offer a huge range of tennis courts, that can change from synthetic acrylic, artificial turf, and championship designed courts. We also offer our Tennis Courts, with a custom fit and unique logo integrated options for our clients. Whatever the type of sports surface required, we deliver tailor-made options with standard dimensions and sizes available for our customers. Our flooring is easy to clean and maintain and we personally install them, so we maintain the accuracy of the court.

Tennis Court

We promote safe and player winning surfaces, to help improve the game. Clients can play on our terrain longer, due to less friction and resistance from the ground. We offer a quality boarded flat surface and turf for the best efficiency of the opponents and competitors when playing on the tennis field. Our turfs and floorings are available in a variety of multicolour designs and better ball lift to ensure the highest level of competition amongst players. Our Courts have been known to reduce stress on the joints and ankles and reduce fatigue. Our courts have the ability to dry at a faster pace, making it very weather resistant and perfect for outdoor playing and installation. Also, delivers a lower glare surface, which is excellent for playing.

We are considered the best option for commercial, professional and home-based tennis courts. Our tennis court construction is USA based research and technology-enhanced options, that offers extremely durable and longlasting capabilities under tough play and constant impact by ball and players alike, without causing any damage to the flooring. All our floorings are easily cleaned and provide a low maintenance, with easy abrasive cleaning solutions. You may call us experts when it comes to finding the right court flooring to best suit your budget.

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