Wooden Flooring


Apex Sports are leading manufactures for all sporting floorings and surfaces. Our wooden flooring,s are made from the highest quality of wood, that brings out the best in the surface finishing product. We are considered as a reputed manufacturer and supplier of wooden based sports flooring. Our wooden sports floorings have the highest demand in indoor sports. Wooden sports floorings are more expensive than other product surfaces purely for its quality and standard. The flooring needs to be installed with accurate care, which our experienced professional carry out with ease. With our long-term experience and dedicated staff, we excel in the manufacturing of quality artistic wooden flooring surfaces. They can be treated with a wide range of colours, logos, and designs, that can be tailor-made as per the requirements of the customer.

PU Flooring


We follow USA research and Technology, based on the highest performance and flexibility of using wood surfaces. All our Wooden floorings are anti termite treated and varnished to give a perfect appeal and shine for a quality gameplay. Our Wood Flooring is designed and manufactured, using maple wood as its strength and durability appeals more to an indoor setup. Naturally, we use superior quality goods and raw materials and provide our customers with reasonable market value rates. Perfect for installing, where there is a maximum exposure of wear and tear.

Solid hardwood flooring

Unlimited options are available for designing a room, and Apex provides a solid hardwoodwooden floor that has a natural beauty that givingvarious design options. AnApexwooden floor creates classic harmony, which is stylish and distinctive at the same time. We make and supply wide product range of wood species, wooden floor types, colors and textures. The customers will definitely find something that suits their taste. Apex floors boards are suppliedprefinished from the factory with either urethane or oil. Weguaranteethe use with underfloor heating that is easy to maintain and is created for generations of use. Apex offers Indoor sports and Outdoor Sports Surfaces. There is a wide range of sports surfaces used in various areas such as Clubs, Schools, Hotels, Gymkhanas, Stadiums, Universities, Hotels, Armed Forces and many more. Apex provides products for Basketball Court, Volleyball Court, Badminton Court, Squash Court and Tennis Court. We also offer floorings for Construction Services of sports courts and Surfaces. We also offer Multipurpose Hall for indoorsports games, apart from these surfaces.Apex has achieved success in catering to the requirements of esteemed clients by offering quality Wooden Floorings, owing to our great experience.

We are the Manufacturerof wooden floorings that are beingmanufactured by the experts following the norms and standards of FIBA, WSF, MFMA and DIN specifications and these experts make the most use of solid wood, single stripe in the manufacturing of these floorings.The floorings made by us are seasoned and grooved to perfection and coated with polyurethanes for moisture proneness. Floorings are manufactured in a way that they are easy to maintain and suitable for games like squash, badminton, gymnastic, aerobics and basketball or indoor volley ball. We are the experienced manufacturer of the above mentioned floors.





Types Of Flooring

Maple Hardwood Sports Flooring

The traditional choice for basketball is Maple wooden hardwood or Maple Wood Flooring. More than any indoor sportsflooring, the hardwood woodencourts are available more. As the maple wooden hardwood is the traditional choice. Maple hardwood flooring is strong and long-lastingdurability with great strength and fulfilling Technical Specifications.Maple Wood Flooring prevalence makes them preferred more for competitive sports by using hardwood floorings. There are many coaches and teams that wants to play on the same type of surface at home and outdoors too. Young generation want to be accustomed to wooden hardwood as they advance toward professional competition. High maintenance costs and less versatility is the downside to hardwood wooden floorings. Vinyl is a wood pattern that has become a popular alternative due that reason. Vinyl is an alternative to Maple Wood Sports Flooring. The traditional choice for basketball is Maple wooden hardwood. As the maple wooden hardwood is the traditional choice, Maple Wood Sports Flooring remains strong and long-lastingdurability with great strength. The maple floors can be used for a longer time and the maple floorings can be used as an alternative to any other hardwood floors. Apex is a growing name for Maple Wood Manufacturers and is progressing as a Maple Wood Manufacturers.

Pad and Pour Polyurethane

A pad and pour polyurethane is one of the toughest and most durable sports wooden flooring solutions. Suitable for basketball and other indoor activities, this pad and pour polyurethane floorstands up to high point loads and rolling loads. A pad and pour polyurethane is an excellent option in case of a need for a surface in sports that also can withstand heavy equipment. We have the only sports flooring system that is completely seamless and is common in field houses and multipurpose areas. Apex has the majority experience in manufacturing and supplying the best wooden floorings with smooth surface that is Easy to install and has Dimensional accuracy.

Recycled Rubber with EPDM

For more practicality apart from a competitive game, a recycled rubber with EPDM is used. They are perfectly suitable for floorings highly used in a weight room, training room, or fitness center, this is the ideal surface. Commonly available in easy installation rolls or tiles, this recycled rubber with EPDM chips are the correct options.

Linoleum for Sports

Apex Sports is one of the leading companies in this category. Apex provides special shock absorbing floor which is ideal for light recreational activities in kindergartens, elementary school gyms. With very low maintenance cost, it has extreme abrasion resistance.It remains and maintains its sustainability in all kind of environments.

Sports Vinyl

Apex is a manufacturer and provides a high standard of shock absorption, uniformity, and comfort for athletes. Our floorings are ideal for basketball, volleyball, and many other different activities, but it really excels in multipurpose gymnasiums. We make floors or floorings not only for sports, but conferences, assemblies, and events. Making a good choice will be a shock absorbing Sports vinyl floor. Hence, due to this, it is most common in schools, community centers, and churches.

Teak Wood Sports Flooring

The support of our team and seasoned designers has come with an amazing range of teak wood floors. The teak wood floorings are specially manufactured by our talented professionals that use the best quality teak wood as well contemporary techniques as followed the industry laid norms. The quality inspectors do a numerous inspection on the teak wood and the inspection procedures of teak wood on the offered range using advanced testing techniques. Plus we provide our clients with high quality teak wood that is attractive and gives a perfect finish. With an amazing range of teak wood floors, our team and seasoned designers has come with an amazing range of the teak wood sports floorings. Specially manufactured by the seasoned professionals this teak wood floorings are the best quality teak wood as well contemporary techniques as followed the industry laid norms.Apex is a famous Teak Wood Sports Floor Board Supplier, and is progressively doing well as Teak Wood Sports Floor Board Supplier. Teak Wood manufacturer has to use a good quality teak wood and apex is famous as Teak Wood manufacturer.

Air Cush Wooden Flooring

Air Cush Wooden Flooring is safe and injury free sports floor giving excellent and consistent resiliency, friction and ball bounce.We offer you a complete choice of products which include Air Cush Badminton Court Flooring, Air Cush Basketball Court Flooring, Air Cush Squash Court Flooring, Air Cush Volleyball Court Flooring and Squash Court Air Cush Wooden Flooring.Air-Cush Multipurpose Hall is intended to fulfill the need for a sizeable hall for various functions and sporting activities. Air-Cush Wooden Flooring is safe and injury free and Apex maintains to keep their Air-cush Wooden Flooring safe for the longest time.

Auditorium Stage Wooden Flooring

Auditorium Stage floorings are expected to maintain their attractive appeal and functional performance. Auditorium Stage floorings has to be simple yet classic for schools, offices etc where auditorium Stage are majority in use. Many of the schools now daysturn away from traditional carpeting in auditoriumsStageas there is high lifecycle cost and not at all Low Maintenanceof vacuuming, shampooing, stain and odor removal.Auditorium floorsStage certainly see their share of abrasive foot trafficwith ongoing school plays, music performances, ceremonies and other programs, educational and institutional auditorium floors certainly see their share of abrasive foot traffic.Apex floorings provide the perfect water proof solution with great advantages for auditoriumsStage. Apex floorings have great applications in several places. Auditorium Wooden Flooring needs great experience and Apex is a well known Auditorium Wooden Flooring manufacturer. The manufacturer needs to maintain good quality for Auditorium Stage Wooden Flooring.


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